Spotlight on Creativity: Saturday Etsy Series

My etsy pick this week is Shelley Schott’s Paisley Mill.  Shelley, a mom of 2 whose newest addition came just 3 weeks ago, makes beautiful bright funky jewelry, ornaments and WallFlowers – custom-made jewelry displays/organizers.  Shelley’s profile says “If I have a style, I guess you could say it’s earthy and organic. I tend to look to nature for inspiration. I love making my art outdoors, in my big ‘ol garden, under a huge pine tree.”

Shelley  started making jewelry for her friends and family when she was 10 and it soon turned into much more than a hobby, before she was 20 she was selling her pieces to local shops and exhibiting in local art shows.  She is currently doing this full time and creates her pieces in any spare time she can find when she is not taking care of her two little ones.   She hopes to one day own her own shop where she can sell her own creations as well as offering some other artists pieces.  For now, etsy is a great way to get a loyal customer base. Shelley says “I love Etsy because of the people I get to talk with. I have had so many wonderful people that have bought my stuff and I just love the thought of making something that is being used or worn in random places all over the world. I got so excited when I got my first international order!”

I just received two pairs of her earrings(couldn’t pass up the special pricing), the Peacock and the Mod Pods and LOOOOVE them.  They are painted wooden shapes (very light-weight)with great colorful paper designs layered on top and then protected with a glaze.  The craftsmanship is top notch and her customer service is superb.  Next on my “I want this” list is one of her WallFlowers – you can pick from the size of the frame, the color, the “screen” material, the color nails, hooks – and if that isn’t enough options – she is open to any and all suggestions on what would make it perfect for you!  I am thinking this light blue turquoise one in size LARGE would be just perfect – love the polka dotted nails.

Be sure to stop by her store on Mondays when she lists that week’s Mill Special – one of her items at a discounted rate. You can also follow her on her new blog.

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