Homeowners in Massachusetts can sell back electricity

Homeowners in Mass are doing it.  Selling back their electricity and at a decent rate! The only way homeowners can take advantage of this is by generating power on their own.  They must do so by installing solar panels on their roofs or having wind turbines put on their property.

Net metering is what it is called.  If they generate more energy than they need on any given day or week property owners will need to submit an application so that they may begin to earn credits on their electricity bills.

Property owners who take advantage of this will still need to remain connected to their utility company so that they can track what is used and what is made, also to be able to supply them with electricity. During dark cloudy days when their solar panels may not generate anything, as well as no windy days for those choosing to put a wind turbine on their property.

This new law also allows customers to share their credits with other costumers, making it possible for those who cannot generate their own power to take advantage of this change.  This change is open to almost everyone.  Towns and cities may participate as well as businesses.  Hopefully this will catch on and more people will take advantage of this.

This new law is allowing people who sell back their electricity to do so at retail rates rather than the lower wholesale rate.  Changing the rate in which the property owner sell his/her rate back to the utility company will hopefully increase the amount of property owners that install solar panels and wind turbines on their property.

By: Kate Kiselka, follow me on Twitter