Homeowners in Massachusetts can sell back electricity

Homeowners in Mass are doing it.  Selling back their electricity and at a decent rate! The only way homeowners can take advantage of this is by generating power on their own.  They must do so by installing solar panels on their roofs or having wind turbines put on their property.

Net metering is what it is called.  If they generate more energy than they need on any given day or week property owners will need to submit an application so that they may begin to earn credits on their electricity bills.

Property owners who take advantage of this will still need to remain connected to their utility company so that they can track what is used and what is made, also to be able to supply them with electricity. During dark cloudy days when their solar panels may not generate anything, as well as no windy days for those choosing to put a wind turbine on their property.

This new law also allows customers to share their credits with other costumers, making it possible for those who cannot generate their own power to take advantage of this change.  This change is open to almost everyone.  Towns and cities may participate as well as businesses.  Hopefully this will catch on and more people will take advantage of this.

This new law is allowing people who sell back their electricity to do so at retail rates rather than the lower wholesale rate.  Changing the rate in which the property owner sell his/her rate back to the utility company will hopefully increase the amount of property owners that install solar panels and wind turbines on their property.

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Third Wind Turbine in Portsmouth Fuels Gusts of Civic Pride

Earlier this year, GLSL documented the installation of a major wind turbine aimed at taking the municipal buildings of Portsmouth, RI off the grid and ultimately using the blades to spin a profit. Equally motivated by eco and bottom-line awareness, Hodges Badge, a private, Portsmouth, RI based company with roots dating back to 1920 and annual sales topping $10 million recently installed the third wind turbine in Portsmouth.

Unless you’ve been to a 4H fair or Westminster dog show recently (both Hodges customers), you may not have realized the market for ribbons, trophies, medals and other award deliverables. Hodges Badge is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of these products and many more with awards they’ve created presented on six of seven continents (sorry Antarctica) and a staff of close to 150 employees. Forward thinking has always been a strong suit, now more so than ever.

According to a blog post on the company’s website:

 “After several years of research, Hodges has decided that it is time to move ahead with a project that will not only generate 100% of our power using the wind but be a great step to help the environment… Although construction of the turbine would be at least a year away we are still excited at the prospect. In its lifetime (25+ years) the turbine will reduce CO2 emission by 10,000 tons and return at least 30 times the energy required to manufacture it. That’s pretty substantial.”

For more information on wind turbines go to The Wind Energy Association website.

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Portsmouth, RI Wind Turbine Featured on National Geographic Program

Back in March, I posted an entry entitled, “Wind Powers My Hometown Pride,” in response to the 366-foot wind turbine erected in Portsmouth, RI, the town I grew up and continue to live in.

Being a PR guy, I was proud of the project as a whole but also the fact that CNN dedicated a solid seven-minute segment to the installation and benefits this massive wind turbine would provide. Imagine my surprise when I was channel flipping the other night and came across an hour-long National Geographic special chronicling the arduous process of lifting over 100 tons and 366 feet worth of wind turbine parts into place when the weather just doesn’t want to cooperate. It couldn’t be….

…It was. On my new favorite show, “World’s Toughest Fixes,” host Sean Riley, “… travels to Portsmouth, R.I., where residents are setting up a 115-ton wind turbine that will provide years of clean energy. The constant blowing wind will fuel the turbine, but how do you raise giant blades in the midst of these unpredictable winds?”

While it doesn’t exactly portray the workers of R.I. as the best and brightest, the “Giant Wind Turbine” episode provides an honest and mildly humorous look at the challenges of installing a mammoth piece of green machinery. Check out the link for video excerpts or notifications on when the episode will air again.

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Abby’s Blog: Kids Helping the Earth – Wind Turbines Move Forward in Narragansett, RI – So Cool!

They officially shut down the parking area and closed the beach parking pavilion at the area known to me as Galilee Beach last week to make way for the new wind turbine that is going to be built there. The spot, located at the mouth of the Galilee fishing channel, is where the boats come to dock and unload their catch. It is very, very windy. My mom takes us there a lot to get local fish and watch the boats, we find shells and seaglass, and pick up trash (of course). I’m excited to watch the wind turbine be built in our town and I’m really excited to watch its progress.

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