Little way’s to Green your BIG day

Throwing a wedding is an expensive and time consuming process.  There are so many options and ways to make your day special.  Making your wedding day as green as possible is always a plus.  Even if you choose to only do a few things here and there.  There are some great magazines and web sites that can provide you with different options and ways to make your special day as green as possible, I really enjoy planet green and the ideas they have to offer.  Although for some of us it may be difficult to have an ALL green wedding here are some great ways I think might help you and the planet!

Sourcing locally is probably the most obvious choice for having a green wedding.  By using a local brewery instead of having kegs sent from across the country you can help cut down on CO2 emissions.  Almost anything you want or need, can be found locally, it’s probably the number one way to go green at your wedding. 

Encouraging your caterer to use local and organic foods is also a helpful way to green your wedding.  Renting a tuxedo is also a great idea since buying one might not be appropriate if you will never wear it again.  This goes for wedding and bridesmaid dresses, if you know a place that rent’s dresses, it might be worth checking out!

Choosing your venue location based on where you and your guests live is also a great idea.  This cuts down on driving to your wedding.  Also think about encouraging your guests to carpool or set up a way for your guests to get from hotel to venue easier and safer.  You can look into buses and trolleys it will save on CO2 and be safer for your guest’s allowing them to have an extra glass of Champaign while celebrating your nuptials  

When thinking about invites for your big day, think about using recycled paper or tree free invitations.  Save the dates are a huge waste of paper and not really necessary for local weddings.  If planning a destination wedding they are almost a must do!  If save the dates are important to you think outside the box, maybe an evite?  

Posted by: Kate Kiselka, follow me on Twitter