Going Green with Terrene

Terrene Sustainable Building Supply sells high-quality, environmentally responsible, “green” building products. Terrene’s goal is to expand the availability and use of green building products throughout New England. The products that you’ll find at Terrene  were selected because they are better for the environment, perform well, and contribute to healthier living.

With three locations in Massachusetts, including Acton, Newton and their location that just opened in South Yarmouth on the Cape, Terrene is looking to fulfil the promise that green building means retail access to designs you can see and touch. They are offering franchises to interested qualified parties.

I selected them to source a number of products including Fireclay 3×6 white matte tiles for Abby’s bathroom floor, EcoTop countertops (also in white) for my master bath and laundry room, Paperstone for my kitchen counters and we’re still looking at flooring including marmoleum and carpets.

Check them out or visit a location near you.

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Did you know…you could shop for the Earth?


Just a heads up to all you Rhode Islanders! If you haven’t seen the commercial yet, there is a new store offering eco friendly alternatives for shopaholics in Wakefield and East Greenwich. It’s called THE Did You Know? STORE. Here is their mission:

  1. To give consumers an environmentally conscious alternative to everyday products
  2. To support recycling and reuse, organic farming, fair trade, and less waste
  3. To allow consumers to be able to choose affordable eco-friendly products without sacrificing quality and without having to completely change the way he or she lives.

 It has some great apparel (really cute t-shirts), and stuff for your pets babies and kids, among other things. The founder, Claire Hall (a URI graduate) is quoted on her website saying “I want a store that is about more than just selling green products. I want to provide people with information that will help them make eco-friendly choices in their everyday lives.” You can take a look at THE Did You Know? STORE here, or check our their blog here. Happy Shopping!!

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Shop Inhabitat.com

Inhabitat, one of my favorite green design blogs, has officially launched its online shop.   With a great collection of eco-friendly goods, the store has something for everyone.  Choose from categories like clothing, kids, home, furniture, gadgets and accessories to find green and safe products for your whole family.

As I browsed the shop, I found myself coveting one item in particular.  I am a huge fan of organic cotton, especially in sheets and bedding.  There is nothing better than soft, natural materials to rest your head on every night and I’ll be the first to admit that I have about three sets.  My duvet cover, however cute, is not organic which is why when I saw the “Cove Duvet Cover” in the Home/Bedroom section of Inhabitat.com, I started drooling. 


The beautiful cream, green and gray blue design is printed and sewn domestically and it is made from 320-thread count organic cotton.  It also comes in a darker print and in both Queen and King sizes.  Retail: $330

Check out that and more at Inhabitat.com’s new online store.

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Seriously fun floors….naturally

Prior to the start of this project, I had no idea what marmoleum was nor I did I realize how cool its backstory really is.  (But I did know not to end a sentence with a preposition….some things never change…) 

Marmoleum is a clean, durable and allergen-free linoleum floor covering that is neither carpet nor plastic.  It’s a natural product that starts with completely natural ingredients.  Linseed oil is pressed from the seeds of the flax plant and wood flour is obtained from  lumber industry waste (also know as sawdust!) and sustainably harvested forests.  The roisons in marmoleum are harvested from pine trees and the colors comes from environmentally responsible pigments with natural jute fibers woven on the back. 

As if that isn’t sustainable enough, marmoleum has a an earth-to-earth lifecycle – it is completely biodegradable, right up the solvent-free adhesives used in installation.  There is no lead, no formaldehyde, to plasticizers and no chlorine. 

The very best part – is so very, very affordable.  Affordable and easy to clean.  Its natural anti-static properties (for a natural product it seems extremely advanced) mean that dirt doesn’t stick very well and bacteria has a tough time breeding.  There’s no need to use harsh chemicals for cleaning, any dust is easily removed by a damp mop. 

We are using marmoleum in the Green Life Smart Life house – it’s safe, affordable, kid friendly, what’s not to love?  Check out www.themarmoleumstore.com to see colors & designs in action.

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Project Drywall: Gypsum and Plaster for Sustainable Walls and Ceilings

We are currently working on our plaster bid and have decided to go with gypsum board because it meets all of our requirements for a sustainable product. Gypsum forms naturally like salt or limestone and is an abundant mineral. Its paper backing is made from old newspapers, phone books, and cardboard, and it is a zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) product.

 Under Materials & Resources, gypsum board achieves us ½ of a point in the Environmentally Preferable product category for material and possible another ½ point for local production.

This article provides some great additional information about Gypsum and Plaster solutions.

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