Spotlight on Creativity: Saturday Etsy Series

This weekend I am moving into my new apartment, it is going to be wonderful and I am very excited but there is only one small problem! There is only one small closet. I am not quite sure you can call it a walk in (like they said in the ad) since it is built into the hallway stairs so for the first 2/3 of the closet you have to hunch over.  This might not be an issue for some readers who have a moderate wardrobe but I have lots of shoes, dresses, coats, purses….you get the picture, right? So I have been on the search for some pretty storage solutions, hence my etsy seller pick of the week – sewingmomma – the designer of beautiful storage bins/totes using a variety of recycled or vintage fabrics. She also makes gorgeous blankets and hand towels that will add to any home décor.

Sewingmomma is a mother of 4 and wife to a supportive husband who helps make her etsy career possible. Her profile says “I am so happy to be a part of Etsy. I spend hours on Etsy. Its so much fun putting yourself out there and having some people actually like it! I finally found a community that I have a lot in common with.”

All of her products are made to order, so her production time is between 2-3 weeks, but she makes the wait worthwhile letting you pick from over 50 fabrics which include some made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles, 100% organically grown cotton fiber and vintage fabrics. You can also choose a custom made size or any of the sizes she has listed.

I really appreciate any etsy seller who thinks about what she is selling from the beginning stages to the end when the customer opens up the package – Sewingmomma does just that. From the start of her design to the end of the process she is conscious of the materials she uses.  Any of her bins can be made more eco-friendly by choosing the bin’s interfacing that is made 100% from recycled plastic bottles. She ships the orders out in post consumer recycled poly bags.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces: for smaller products (books, DVDs, remotes) these would be great; for something a little bigger check this one out – I love the pattern.  And these dishtowels will look really cute in my kitchen.  Currently she doesn’t have any blankets for sale but I found this one in her sold items and might have to convo her to see if I can get one.

After finding this etsy seller, I am looking forward to getting settled and figuring out exactly how many of these I can get away with buying.

You can find sewingmomma on Facebook or etsy.

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Abby’s Blog: Yummy and Organic Hot Chocolate for Winter Time!

My family and I have been doing lots of skiing this winter – even my little brother Max gets to ski this year because he is finally big enough.  When we are done playing outside in the snow, we love to come in for some yummy hot chocolate.   Mom likes to buy organic snacks and stuff for us and for hot chocolate, she sometimes buys Boulevards.  It is super yummy and good for us!

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Little way’s to Green your BIG day

Throwing a wedding is an expensive and time consuming process.  There are so many options and ways to make your day special.  Making your wedding day as green as possible is always a plus.  Even if you choose to only do a few things here and there.  There are some great magazines and web sites that can provide you with different options and ways to make your special day as green as possible, I really enjoy planet green and the ideas they have to offer.  Although for some of us it may be difficult to have an ALL green wedding here are some great ways I think might help you and the planet!

Sourcing locally is probably the most obvious choice for having a green wedding.  By using a local brewery instead of having kegs sent from across the country you can help cut down on CO2 emissions.  Almost anything you want or need, can be found locally, it’s probably the number one way to go green at your wedding. 

Encouraging your caterer to use local and organic foods is also a helpful way to green your wedding.  Renting a tuxedo is also a great idea since buying one might not be appropriate if you will never wear it again.  This goes for wedding and bridesmaid dresses, if you know a place that rent’s dresses, it might be worth checking out!

Choosing your venue location based on where you and your guests live is also a great idea.  This cuts down on driving to your wedding.  Also think about encouraging your guests to carpool or set up a way for your guests to get from hotel to venue easier and safer.  You can look into buses and trolleys it will save on CO2 and be safer for your guest’s allowing them to have an extra glass of Champaign while celebrating your nuptials  

When thinking about invites for your big day, think about using recycled paper or tree free invitations.  Save the dates are a huge waste of paper and not really necessary for local weddings.  If planning a destination wedding they are almost a must do!  If save the dates are important to you think outside the box, maybe an evite?  

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Vote for The Organic Center¹s ŒMission Organic 2010¹ and help raise $10K

Happy New Year! I wanted to share with you about The Organic Center’s resolution for a healthier, happier 2010 and hope that you’ll help us spread the organic seeds of change. A leading research institute on the science of organic food and farming, The Organic Center recently launched Mission Organic 2010, an ambitious campaign with an exciting goal: to increase the current market for organic foods from 3 to 10 percent by the end of 2010.

Supporting the Mission Organic 2010, Whole Foods Market has selected The Organic Center as one of three non-profit organizations to be featured in its first ever Facebook application, entitled “This Is My Year To…” By downloading the app at facebook you and your readers can make it a resolution to choose organic and vote for Mission Organic 2010. At the end of January, the non-profit with the most votes receives an additional $10K donation from Whole Foods Market to help fund its vision.

We hope you will share this app with your readers. And to help educate on the benefits of organic foods, we would also like to offer you 50 of The Organic Center’s Organic Essentials Pocket Guides, a handy tool showing the most important fruits and vegetable to choose organic. Here is a link to download an electronic version:

Thank you for supporting healthy living for the planet and its people. I look forward to your interest.

Until then, warm wishes for 2010!

Kara Vorhes

Neighbor Agency

About The Organic Center

The Organic Center’s unique mission is to advance scientific research on the health and environmental benefits of organic foods, and to communicate those benefits to the public. As an independent nonprofit 501(c)(3) research and education organization, we envision improved health for the earth and its inhabitants through conversion of agriculture to organic methods. All of The Organic Center’s research reports, publications, consumer guides and videos are available free of charge on our website,

Organic beer is the smarter choice

When I think of Beer, I think of a nice glass of Newport Storm or maybe a blueberry beer from Coddingtons.  With an older brother who brews his own and another who likes to consume it, I was taught to appreciate beer and to stay away from bud light!  Although I prefer wine with my meals, on a summer night nothing is as good as a Hefeweizen with a slice of lemon.

I have been noticing many  organic brews available at the local package store.  Organic beer is part of a growing industry and with it are some really great organic wines.  When drinking a beer or wine labeled organic you can rest assure that the U.S. department of agriculture has checked it out.  You can expect the hops and barley to be organically grown, no toxic pesticides and no artificial fertilizers.

There are some key ways to make sure the beer you are consuming is done in an environmentally fashionable way.  First off when out at a restaurant or pub opt for a beer on tap, this saves hundreds of beer bottles and cans from being produced.  Also opt for re-using your glass.  This too will save on water that you would normal use to wash each glass.  If you do buy a case from the local packy down the street for you and some friends, make sure one of you is sober enough to get it into the blue recycling bin, aluminum can be recycled and repurpose into a new one fairly quickly.  And who knows it may end up holding your next beer!

Drinking locally brewed beer is another important choice as it saves money in gas and helps cut emissions caused by shipping of imported beers.  Also consider taking home a growler from your local brewery, they are reusable and save on individual packaging and recycling costs.


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