Crown Point Cabinetry finds a home in the Green Life Smart Life home

The Green Life Smart Life home has chosen custom designed cabinets by Crown Point cabinetry for the kitchen.  A beautiful maple wood with an origina Oyster Milk Paint finish was chosen.  Crown Point Cabinetry is located in Claremont, NH which allowed us to get points for local (within 500 miles), FSC certification, and it counted towards our paints and finishes. 

Milk Paint is a hand-brushed finish that starts off as a powder.  Natural materials such as lime, milk protein, earth pigments and clay fillers are used to make develop the powder.  After the milk paint has been painted onto the cabinets it is then sprayed with a sealer coat with their catalyzed varnish.  It then goes into the oven at 130 degrees.  It is quite an extensive process.  Then the cabinets are sanded and then rubbed down to remove even the smallest piece of dust.  Then lastly a top layer of catalyzed varnish and then back into the oven for 20 minutes. 

The finished look of our cabinetry both kitchen and bath provided a real authentic and elegant detail to our home design.

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