Support Your Local Shops and Artists This Holiday Season

The holidays are right around the corner and with that comes lots of holiday shopping. I am notorious for procrastinating and doing all of my shopping the week (or a day or two) before Christmas and I have vowed that I will not do that this year. I have also decided that this year I am going to give handmade gifts (don’t laugh – I make really cute stuff!), buy gifts at local shops or support my fellow etsy sellers.

Luckily for me to accomplish this, it isn’t too hard or painful.  I happen to live in one of the cutest towns I have ever visited – East Greenwich, RI.  I live right off Main Street and can walk to all the great restaurants and stores.  One in particular that is new this holiday season is Studio Main Street – it is owned by a group of girlfriends – each bringing their own unique personality and trade to the store.  This is a great place to find unique vases, mirrors or serving pieces – all at very reasonable prices.

On etsy I have one particular shop that I want to support for a couple of reasons – the store owner is local (East Greenwich) and her products are beautiful.  Awcombes store features brightly colored belt buckles on great quality leather belts.  I have had my eye on one belt in particular since the first time I saw it (hint hint hint for anyone needing gift ideas for me J).

Many of you who are reading this might not have the great selection that I have in my town but etsy is a great place if you want to still try to shop and support local people.  When you go onto the site you can search by your town or state and have it shipped right to your front door.  What better way to spend your holiday money then supporting a fellow resident or a nearby shop.  It will brighten your holiday spirit and those close to you as well.

Happy shopping!

Posted by: Becca