iPhone applications helping you Go Green

If you don’t own an iPhone yourself, more than likely you know someone who does. I personally am one of the many people who do, along with some of my friends. As an iPhone user you are constantly going into your “App store” to see what there is for cool new apps to put on your phone. Recently, a good friend of mine mentioned that there are tons of eco-friendly apps to help you go green. After hearing this I went and did some research about these apps.

Applications for your iPhone are broken into two groups, ones you have to pay for and others that are free. Some of the paid for apps I found are called Eco Footprint and GreenTips, they cost .99 cents each. Eco Footprint is a program that allows you to calculate your ecological footprint based on your eating and travel habits. Once you find out your ecological footprint you can then share the results with your friends through email or Facebook.

The GreenTips application gives you easy ways to go green, save money, and save the planet. The tips they give you range from topics about being green at your school or dorm, how to save money on your energy bill, being a green pet owner, helping your community become greener, and many more.

As for the free apps, two I found are ClimateCounts and GreenLocals. ClimateCounts is an app that analyzes companies and based on their ranking scale you can see how well a company is addressing climate change. They rank companies in sectors on food products, apparel, airlines, hotels, toys, furniture, and more. This can help you make many daily purchasing decisions and support companies that are highly ranked when it comes to them addressing the climate change.

GreenLocals is an app that helps you find local green and sustainable businesses easy using your phones GPS to locate certified businesses near you. You can browse by different categories to find a certain business and it will also give you directions on how to get to this location. You can also submit your own business or rate and review one you found.

I only named two from each category but there are many more to choose from, so enjoy and go find an app that helps you go green!

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