Abby’s Blog: Yummy and Organic Hot Chocolate for Winter Time!

My family and I have been doing lots of skiing this winter – even my little brother Max gets to ski this year because he is finally big enough.  When we are done playing outside in the snow, we love to come in for some yummy hot chocolate.   Mom likes to buy organic snacks and stuff for us and for hot chocolate, she sometimes buys Boulevards.  It is super yummy and good for us!

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Abby’s Blog: Options for Batteries in Kid’s Toys

Coming off the holidays, I received a lot of great new toys. My mom got me a lot of kid-power stuff like a scooter and ice skates, but others brought Max and I a lot of battery-required toys like motorized cars, games, and related stuff.

We need batteries. My mom has said enough with them and that her kids (meaning us) are personally contributing to the e-waste problem that no one can solve. She touted these points:

  • Americans purchase 5 billion batteries each year
  • Those 5 billion batteries leave behind 146,000 tons of battery waste each year
  • Ok, point taken Mom but what are we to do? Shocker of a suggestion, solar rechargeable batteries (yes, sometimes this gets old.)

    The Ultralast solar charger will charge 4 AA batteries in driect solar sunlight in about 2 days in the northeast in the summer months, but this time of year we’re looking at about 4 days. But at just $35 for the pack its not a bad alternative and if you figure a four pack of batteries runs about $4 and is bad for the earth you might be able to justify the cost.

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    Abby’s Blog: Kids’ Solar Science Kit

    My mom is really into solar toys, and she came back from CES this week with a flyer on the OWI  6 In 1 Educational Solar Science Kit. The idea is that it is a mini solar building kit to teach kids the benefit of solor energy while they create a toy that is both fun to play with and requires no batteries.It has an assortment of 21 parts that can be  snapped together to create two planes, an airboat, a car, a puppy, and a windmill, the kit comes complete with a solar panel and a small motor and costs around $15 to $20 which is easy to save up for.

    I looked for a link and found this for you to check out. If anyone has one I’d love to know if it works.

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    Abby’s Blog: Moving in and new furniture

    We moved into our new house yesterday – I was so excited to play in my new room and use my new desk from Circle Furniture.  My brother Max got bunk beds for his room, they are red and he loves them.  Mommy and Daddy are still busy unpacking and cleaning but we are all super happy to be in our new home. 

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    Abby’s Blog: A Greener World Starts with Kids Who Care

    Every year, millions of kids learn what it means to be green through the Keep America Beautiful educational classroom programs and by volunteering in the annual Great American Cleanup event. Keep America Beautiful teaches kids not to litter, how to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and a program called “Beautification”. Beautification involves graffiti prevention and removal, planting community gardens, building parks and greenspaces and cleaning up litter and illegal dump sites.

    My mom and dad taught me about going green by reading me books like “I Can Save The Earth!” – one of my favorite books.  This book tells the story of Max the Little Monster who wastes electricity and water and won’t even give away his old toys even when he doesn’t play with them anymore. One night there is a blackout (that’s when all of the power goes out) and Max goes outside and notices how beautiful the earth is. Max learns to love the earth and not litter or waste electricity and even recycles his old toys to his friends.

    I think kids can do something everyday to make our world a cleaner, greener place. What can you do today?

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    Abby’s Blog: Volunteer for the Annual Bioneers by the Bay

    Being held in Downtown New Bedford on October 22-25, this year’s Annual Bioneers by the Bay: Connecting for Change needs your help. Theya re looking for volunteers.  Volunteering is a fun and worthwhile experience that is a great way to give back. When you volunteer for one day, you then receive one day’s free admission to the conference, a $100 value. 

    They  need volunteers to help with everything from greeting people to helping out with our farmers’ market, but most of all they need passionate individuals and groups.

    Click HERE to register to volunteer.

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    Barbara’s Bakery Concludes Dr. Kress Award Environmental Program For Kids

    BarbarasBakery Puffins 150dpiBarbara’s Bakery, health food pioneer, has concluded their “How I Changed the World” Kress Award program, an initiative which was run in conjunction with the National Cooperative Grocers Association (NCGA) member stores.

    Children ages 7-17 were invited to write in describing how their actions helped changed the world/environment around them in 75 words or less and include a photo. Named after Dr. Stephen Kress, the director of Project Puffin, and created to honor young environmentalists, this Barbara’s Bakery program awarded seven winners the following:

    • Grand Prize: $1,000 educational grant, a one year supply of cereal, one Adopt-A-Puffin, and a three feet tall stuffed Plush Puffin
    • 2nd Place Prize (three awarded): $500 educational grant
    • 3rd Place Prize (three awarded): $250 educational grant

    Each winner also received the Dr. Kress Award plaque and a tote of Barbara’s Puffin stuff (T-shirt, beanie puffin, etc.). Judges include, among others, Dr. Kress himself and Evan Hirsch, President of the National Wildlife Refuge Association. Information about the program and contest winners can be viewed on the site: The page will be up until October 15, 2009.