Abby’s Blog: A good, green hat

I’ve decide what I am getting my dad for Christmas. It’s a wonderful winter hat the Good Green Hat.  It’s good and green in many ways:

  • Profits protect rainforest through World Land Trust-US.
  • Plastic bottles are recycled to create the soft, fleece fabric.
  • Sewn in the U.S. by women receiving fair wages and education for a better life.
  • Helps educate kids about rainforests and conservation through Earth’s Birthday Project.

Each hat is only $14.95.

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Did you know…you could shop for the Earth?


Just a heads up to all you Rhode Islanders! If you haven’t seen the commercial yet, there is a new store offering eco friendly alternatives for shopaholics in Wakefield and East Greenwich. It’s called THE Did You Know? STORE. Here is their mission:

  1. To give consumers an environmentally conscious alternative to everyday products
  2. To support recycling and reuse, organic farming, fair trade, and less waste
  3. To allow consumers to be able to choose affordable eco-friendly products without sacrificing quality and without having to completely change the way he or she lives.

 It has some great apparel (really cute t-shirts), and stuff for your pets babies and kids, among other things. The founder, Claire Hall (a URI graduate) is quoted on her website saying “I want a store that is about more than just selling green products. I want to provide people with information that will help them make eco-friendly choices in their everyday lives.” You can take a look at THE Did You Know? STORE here, or check our their blog here. Happy Shopping!!

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Flower Power

Spring is slowly shoving winter out of the way (the gorgeous weather this past weekend was just a quick glimpse into the far to distant future). That means the recurrence of wedding season and flowers, among other things. Have you ever noticed how much paper is used when people get married? Invitations, respond cards, envelopes, thank you cards… and it all gets tossed and forgotten. Same goes for babies; birth announcements, shower invitations, thank you cards. Well Botanical Paperworks has come up with a beautiful solution for all that waste that is just perfect for spring. 


All of the paper products sold by Botanical Paperworks are not only absolutely LOVELY, but plantable. Each peice of 100% post-consumer waste paper is embedded with wildflower seeds and can be planted like you would any other flower. They make products for all types of events and uses including weddings, babies, business cards, business promotion, stationary, holiday cards and envelopes. The seeds in the paper are bird’s eye, clarkia, coreopsis, poppy, catchfly and snap dragon. The Plantable Yummy Cards have seeds for herbs in them: basil, parsley, chive, dill, sage, and mint. They even have flower-ful confetti! So all you brides and moms to be have a looksie at their website and spread the love… and the seeds!

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Red is so cliche, go green this Valentines day

How many cards do you think are sold for Valentines day? That’s easy, about a billion. The real question is how many of those are recycled? And isn’t the saying REDUCE, reuse, recycle? Spending three bucks on a completely unoriginal, non-unique card just so they can read it once, toss it aside, and get to the good stuff is probably not the best reduce method. Send an e-card, or better yet, use your big kid words and tell them you love them! I’m sure you could get the point across just as good if not better than some guy named Earl at Hallmark can, (no offense Earl). Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means a Valentines Grinch. I just think that on a holiday about love we should consider the planet we love as well. So here is a list of the usual gifts given on February 14th, and a couple of eco-friendly/socially aware alternatives…

1. Chocolates!- Instead of the the ridiculous, lace trimmed, $20 box of Russel Stovers (or the $60 box of Godiva’s) try these “Life is Sweet” chocolates from They are USDA certified organic, fair trade certified, packaged in recyclable and biodegradable materials, and some of the proceeds go to non-profit programs. Or for the fellow Rhode Islanders that want to keep it local, check out Ocean State Chocolates and Confections. They use fresh and local ingredients in all of their chocolates. And if you want to give a truly unique gift, sign your sweetheart up for one of their chocolate classes that teach how to use chocolate in all kinds of cooking.

1558ced753948e9206bb1cc3b13026d022. Stuffed Animals- Personally, I am not a fan of stuffed animals, but the TofuBear is actually pretty cute.  He is made out of soy silk, (made from the residue left over from tofu manufacturing). This makes him free of any petrochemicals, he’s made from a comletely renewable resource, and is totally biodegradable. PLUS he’s super soft and machine washable. Teddy bear too cliche? They have goats, bunnies, even a ram.

3. Flowers- Instead of ordering a bouquet of flowers online and having them delivered to your valentines home or work, be  considerate to momma nature and just buy local and hand deliver. Again, its much better get flowers from your actual Valentine than from the Fed-Ex guy. Maybe instead of a bunch of flowers that are going to die anyways, you could try a potted plant. Keeping plants in the home or office is good for the mind and body (thank you Treehugger). OR you can do even better than that and plant a tree in the name of love. How romantical.

Hopefully I have given you somewhat of a headstart on a more eco-aware Valentines day. Anybody have any other Valentine alternatives to add?

Great Last Minute Green Gifts

You’ve waited until the last possibly minute and you still don’t have everyone checked off on your list? No worries. Here are some great gadgets brought to us by Cool Green Gadgets that are perfect for the holiday season.

beer-bottlesRecycled Glass Tumblers – Made from ordinary bottles that were headed toward the landfill, the  are transformed into stylish, unique goblets and tumblers.

iPod Cases – made out of recycled ’45s! This gift is perfect for the music lover in your life who has an eclectic taste for old 45s. The center hole on the 45 is the exact same size as the iPod wheel.  Not your typical mass-produced case: you choose your favorite piece of vinyl and they’ll custom build it to fit your iPod. The 7-inch singles are reclaimed/reused materials and the felt padding inside is made from 40% recycled fibers.

Recycled Beer Goblets – Now these are my personal favorites. Beer Bottle Goblets have been crafted from reclaimed Sol and Grolsch bottles. How? Glass artisans carefully cut away the base, polish the edges and then bond a base to the bottom (or should that be top?) of the bottle to form a robust ‘foot’. The result is a gloriously green or crystal clear, satisfyingly sturdy goblet.

The Worlds First Bio-Recyclable USB Drive – The “EarthDrive,” comes in capacities ranging from 1GB to 8GB, is a little expensive at $20 to $100 considering how cheap flash drives aipod-case3re getting these days. But it’s all for a good cause: ATP, which has partnered with the American Forest Foundation for the project, and says they will donate some of the revenues to the planting of trees.  The EarthDrive is also waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof, so whatever extreme adventure you are participating in, it should be safe!

Solar Cell Strap – Ever been in the middle of a conversation and your phone not so polietly tells you that it is about to run out of battery and you are no where near your charger? The Solar Cell Strap from Strap-Ya features a tiny solar cell which is capable of harnessing the power of the sun to charge your handset.


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Reclaimed woods bowls are Green gift giving option

Staples Cabinet Makers

Staples Cabinet Makers

I’m still trying to finish my holiday shopping and on my quest to give Green gifts this year, I’ve also been trying to find things I think people would really want and enjoy.

I just found this but really love them and think if you have someone in your life who full appreciates green design in the home, this will be a home run.

Staples Cabinet Makers, who are pretty well known for their wooden furniture made from reclaimed New England barns are now making artisan crafted wood bowls like the one above. Each is handcrafted and explained by their creator. They salvage wood from local mills and barns around the local area, and then owner Stephen Staples creates one-of-a-kind works of art that are made from a variety of woods ranging from the oak burl filled with turquoise you see above to incredible species of tiger and black ash.

They are gorgeous!

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Abby’s Blog: Kid’s Helping the Earth 10

“Mom, we need to save all our toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls because I am going to make ornaments (pronounced orn-mens) for everyone I love. Except Max, he’s too little.  But that is recycling and that is good for the earth.”

posted by Abby, age 5