Second Floor Framing

Front with second floor dormers

Front with second floor dormers

Despite the mounds of snow (12″) this past weekend, the freezing temperatures that have kept it from melting, and the super slippery ice that has sheathed everything,  my builder has gotten the second floor of the house up. I went out and braved the ice (only one fall!) to get shots of the second floor framing, the rafters (soon to be filled with 12″ of spray foam insulation including the wood to maintain the thermal envelope), the new dormers and of course, the snow and ice.

Here are some new photos:

Rear of house - Master and Max's room

Rear of house - Master and Max's room

 This is the rear of the house, to the left is the back side of the master it faces the water and incredible sunrises. Below it is the Media room, with the dining and kitchen windows. Above the dining is the master bath and to the right is Max’s room.


This full shot of the back picks up Abby’s room on the top (north side of the house) and the guest room is below. The door is the rear entrance to the laundry room which will be convenient after summer beach days. 

Rear angled shot of GLSL - facing North

Rear angled shot of GLSL - facing North








Roof rafters


Interior second floor framing

Interior second floor framing








Sunset behind the house, note the snow.

Sunset behind the house, note the snow.









Tomorrow is Christmas Day, it is exciting to think next year we’ll be celebrating in our new green home. Happy Holidays everyone.

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Real Tree is the Green Tree Choice

Because of chemcials and the VOCs a fake tree will produce, you are always better to get a real tree, but consider these options:

1. Buy a tree with the root system in tack, place it in a pot and dig the hole where you want it to go post holiday. Enjoy your tree then plant it. Be sure to use peat moss and organic soil to take root and use mulched leaves to keep it warm.

2. Buy your tree from a local fundraiser group such as the Lions or Boy Scouts. At least your doing some secondary good.

3. Go to a local farm that is specifically a Christmas Tree farm. This is sustainable forestry and for every tree they cut they plant more and it is part of the lifecyle Cristmas tree. You can even find ones that are grown organically.

4. Recyle your tree at the end of your season. It is a must.

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Abby’s Blog: Kid’s Helping the Earth 9

We put our Christmas tree up, and yes, we went with a real one.  Abby’s take on this, “If we kept our tree up all year and we grew it in our house and took care of it, it would be like we had our forest and that would be good for the earth.”

Oh, if it only worked that way, plus I’d gain all that storage space.

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Unique gift alert: Green bags… I’ll take one in red.

Maybe not as hot of a topic as Joe Paone’s “Used Rubber USA” green gift idea, but definitely a little less risqué. The cutting-edge Swiss company Freitag allows online shoppers to create one-of-a-kind carrier totes made out of ALL recycled materials including used truck tarp, used airbags, used seatbelts and used inner tubes of bicycles. This gift is over the top! (Shameless plug for my favorite 80’s trucker movie.)


The Freitag bags are available in various styles including messenger bags, backpacks, sports bags, and other “successories” including laptop carriers and iPhone sleeves. The Swiss company ensures top-quality, standards the Swiss are known for (really?) and the bags are tough, functional, water-resistant and, best of all, made to order.


Visit the website to design a bag. Simply select the style you want, browse the available tarpaulins, and drag/rotate the stencil that corresponds to each side of the bag. Mix and match or keep it simple.  But they warn you: You are responsible for the design. If it looks ugly, it’s your own fault!











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Abby’s Blog: Kid’s Helping the Earth 8

Last night was ladies night in Wakefield. This mean the stores on Main Street stay open until 9 and you can get discounts and cookies while you Christmas shop. I took Abby with me.

While walking up to The Purple Cow   a local shop that aptly is painted three shades of purple on the outside and wraps everything in purple and white tissue that looks like cow spots) Abby bends down to pick up trash someone threw (dropped, give them the benefit of doubt) and says, “Mom, we don’t litter. That’s not good for the earth.”

She is so getting that igloo tent.

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