Bill Gates at TED2010: We Need Energy Miracles

Of all the speeches and talks I’ve heard on climate change, Bill Gates’ recent TED2010 talk was the most pragmatic and thoughtful.  Titled “Innovating to Zero,” Gates touches on our need to strive towards zero CO2 emissions.  Unlike other climate talks, which tend to either be full of hubris or broad reaching statements, Gates presented several clear ideas and equations for strategies that could potentially lead us to this goal.  His tone was optimistic but somber, admitting that there are many barriers (cost and regulation were among the highest) to things like carbon capture technology, nuclear energy and renewables growing into mainstream adoption.

I tried with no luck to embed the video from the TED website, but here is the link.  It’s worth the 27 minutes and kudos to Gates for presenting a more logical perspective in a time when extra snow in the DC area means there’s no such thing as global warming.  Sigh.

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