Spotlight on Creativity: Saturday Etsy Series

My etsy pick of the week is Cotton Purr. Jo-Jo, the designer/founder of this store that makes gorgeous wallets and bags, moved from Taiwan to Georgia to be with “the love of her life”.  And that sets the tone for what her store is all about – love and happiness. Jo-Jo’s says “Cotton Purr, where everything is created, designed, sewn and loved by me – JoJo, and photographed and cherished by my beloved and supportive husband.”

Jo-Jo started sewing when her mother-in-law gave her her first sewing machine – she quickly learned how to use it and now says she doesn’t just like sewing, she is addicted.  She came up with Cotton Purr – a place where she mixes her “fabric obsession and bag addiction together to bring you something beautiful and versatile”, launching her etsy store in January 2008. In late 2008, her husband asked her if she would like him to take over the product photography, saving her a ton of time taking the pictures and processing them.  Jo-Jo says “I swear, this is the second most soul touching thing he ever said to me, nothing tops the power of “Marry me”. Since opening her online store she has made 1,129 sales, has 3150 people calling her a favorite and has received 100% positive feedback!

She makes all of her items in her studio, “a space in our basement with a window view of the street & a tree, which is smoke free but pet friendly. Between my sewing studio and the TV room, there is a French door to keep the pets out and still allows hubby and me to look at each other.”  How could you not want to support this kind of seller.

I bought this wallet about a month ago and love it.  Jo-Jo custom makes your order (she also sometimes has some in stock ready to go) but it was a quick turn around and it arrived creatively packaged – wrapped in tissue paper with a cool patterned paper band around it.  She had stuffed some of her business cards into the credit card slots in the wallet and they have already been handed out to my admiring friends.

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