CNET’s Best of CES 2010 Green Award

Control4 was one of three nominees in the Green category for this year’s CNET Best of CES 2010 Awards.  At CES, Control4 showed its Energy Management System (EMS) 100, which received the nomination.

The EMS 100 is comprised of the EC-100,  a touch-screen home controller that allows you to monitor your home’s energy and the WT-100, a wireless Zigbee-enabled thermostat. This allows people to track their energy usage and find ways to reduce it; you can also set up the device to automatically do it for you. The system not only allows you to monitor your home’s energy but you have the ability to control lights, locks, and more. Other applications can be added to the system through Control4’s newly launched app store called 4Store.

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The winner in the Green category this year was Tenrehte Technologies for their Picowatt Wi-Fi smart plugs.

According to the article on CNET, Tenrehte Technologies has a grassroots vision for the smart grid. Instead of relying on a utility-installed smart meter to help consumers ratchet down their electricity bills, the Rochester, N.Y.-based start-up is building Wi-Fi-enabled smart plugs. A few strategically placed smart plugs, called a Picowatt, will provide many of the benefits promised to consumers by the smart grid, including a real-time read-out of electricity usage and the ability to control appliances from a central point.

The Freeloader Pro, which was the other Green nomination, is a handheld charger made up of two small solar panels and integrated lithium ion battery.

Like the dozens of solar chargers on the market, the Freeloader Pro can charge up cell phones, GPS devices, and other small gadgets. What makes it versatile is the accompanying CamCaddy, an adjustable device for charging different sized block batteries for digital cameras, camcorders, or digital SLRs.

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APOGEE Interactive and Control4 Collaborate to Connect Consumers to the Smart Grid

Control4, a leader in affordable IP-based home control systems, and APOGEE Interactive announced a strategic relationship today to incorporate Apogee’s energy analysis software into the Control4® home area network solution, the Energy Management System 100.  By analyzing and presenting the data gathered by the Energy Management System 100 in an easy-to-understand interface and linking that with control over home devices, consumers can see the impact of changing their usage and realize substantial energy savings in the home.

While billions of dollars are poured into upgrading the energy infrastructure and creating the smart grid, consumers are a crucial piece of the solution. The Control4® Energy Management System with Apogee enables consumers to participate and understand their role in managing their energy use.
“So many people talk about the smart grid and smart metering in terms of providing data to consumers,” said Joel Gilbert, chief software architect and cofounder of APOGEE Interactive.  “But you need more than just energy usage data. You have to enrich the data with analysis and a compelling interface to keep consumers engaged for the long run.  That’s what this partnership delivers.”
This strategic relationship marks the first time Apogee’s software will be available on an in-home device, and will enable the Control4 Energy Management System 100 to turn multiple streams of energy-related data into actionable information consumers can use to monitor and make changes to their home energy usage.  For example, the Energy Management System will be able to forecast how much energy a consumer will use based on past usage patterns, allowing the consumer to make changes to lower their utility bill before it arrives.
“Apogee is a well respected partner to more than 400 utilities and AMI companies looking to deliver data to their consumers via the Internet,” said Will West, chief executive officer of Control4.  “We’re excited to be the first to leverage this proven capability in an in-home display.  It’s a win for utilities, and will be a win for consumers too.”
By leveraging the Control4 Energy Management System 100, utilities can provide consumers a transparent view of their usage and billing information – right on their in-home display.   The total Control4 product experience can increase customer participation in demand response and energy efficiency programs.  This increased customer satisfaction will in turn reduce energy management and customer service costs.
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Control4 Demos Energy Management Solution for Utilities at Autovation

Denver, CO – Autovation 2009 – Booth 116 – September 15, 2009 Control4, the leader in affordable IP-based home control systems, introduces the Control4 Energy Management System (EMS) 100 at Autovation 2009. The EMS 100 combines the functionality of a home area network controller with demand response support, with a wireless thermostat and energy management software to provide utilities a cost effective, flexible, home area network solution for their smart grid deployments.   Leveraging award winning Control4® Home Automation product technology, the EMS 100 is the only home energy management solution that delivers customer usage data via the smart meter and a standard’s based, secure platform that can control virtually every device in the home.

“Our products support today’s regulatory requirements to proactively engage the residential consumer by delivering data via the smart grid to facilitate energy efficiency.  But the ability to control devices in the home, particularly during peak load and demand response events, is the key component to energy management that only Control4 provides, “ said Will West, Control4’s CEO. “By providing an easy-to-use, engaging consumer experience that’s coupled with automated device control, utilities can help their customers play a far more active role in managing energy use, which will contribute to generation and distribution efficiencies.”

The system aggregates energy usage data from various loads and presents the information in an intuitive display so that customers can make changes in their home to reduce energy usage or set up their in-home device to automatically do it for them. The EMS 100 serves as a valuable communications tool, providing utilities an efficient means to alert customers of demand response events and send signals directly to devices in the home during peak times.

The EMS 100 solution features the following:

  • The Control4® Energy Controller EC-100 5-inch color touch screen display – The EC-100 delivers usage data and energy costs for the home and the ability for the customer to take such actions as powering down lights or adjusting shades to reduce energy use.
  • The WT-100 Thermostat – A simple, elegant, ZigBee-based programmable wireless thermostat that connects directly to the EC-100 for total control of heating and cooling throughout the home.  Programming the WT-100 thermostat is managed through the EC-100 display.
  • Control4® Network Management Software – Control4® Network Management Software enables the monitoring, optimization and reporting of all deployed energy controllers.  The network management tools provide cost effective Tier 1 technical support and remote diagnostic capabilities.
  • Control4® ECO Software – Control4® Energy Consumption Optimizer (ECO) Software collects, analyzes and compresses energy use and behavior data on the EC-100, then communicates with the utility’s load management software to treat demand response events as a dispatchable resource.  
  • Control4® platform – The standards-based, secure Control4® software platform is based on industry standards of embedded Linux and Adobe Flash Lite.  The platform is secured through ZigBee SE, SSL, and OpenSSH technology.  The platform is extensible, allowing third parties to develop new applications, providing enhanced functionality to the system over time. For example, utilities can develop their own applications such as the monitoring of gas and water or a home’s carbon dioxide output.
  • Control4 Automation & Control — Using ZigBee, Wi-Fi and Ethernet standards, Control4’s solutions give homeowners the ability to control and automate their thermostats, lights, spa or pool, sprinklers and more, to manage power usage with one easy to use interface.

Related Control4 News

On September 1, Control4 announced that Texas-based utility Bluebonnet Electronic Cooperative selected the EMS 100 as its HAN solution for its smart meter roll out in 2010. Control4 also recently announced the shipment of its 1 millionth ZigBee-enabled product, an important milestone, particularly in the energy space, where ZigBee is embraced as a standard communications protocol in the Home Area Network. In July, Control4 announced $17.3 million in financing to fund its Energy Systems division, which is based in Silicon Valley, California.

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