Bottled water is becoming obsolete

Bottled water is getting banned.  San Francisco’s mayor, Gavin Newsom has stopped the city government from using money to supply municipal workers with bottled water.  New York City launched a champagne ad to encourage residents and tourists to stop using bottled water and drink the tap water.  New York has been considered one of the best water in the country.  Boston and San Francisco have also taken bottled water off many of their menus and replaced it with filtered tap water instead.

The reason for all of this change is the fact that 11 billion dollars is spent each year on bottled water, resulting in 22 million empty plastic water bottles in the trash.  Bottled water doesn’t only take up a huge amount of space in the local landfill but it also costs a thousand times more than faucet water.  It also is no safer or cleaner than tap water and in some cases may even be more harmful!

Tap water goes through extensive testing more often than bottled water which is usually only tested annually.  Besides the water itself it is the pretty packaging that may be the most harmful to your health.  Many people want a bang for their buck and might refill their plastic bottle with the filtered water from their home or office.  This could be problematic.

The plastic is safe if used once, using it multiple times can leach chemicals such as DEHA, a potential hormone disrupter.  The plastic is also porous and you most likely will get harmful bacteria with each sip if you reuse #1 plastic bottle.

There are so many alternatives that are available now instead of the more common plastic bottle.  I myself carry one designed by Nathan, many sporting goods stores carry an array of different colors and sizes, catering to male and female as well as children and adults.  It is a wise decision to make for yourself as well as the environment.  It will save you money and room in your trash can!

Posted By: Kate Kiselka, follow me on Twitter