CNET’s Best of CES 2010 Green Award

Control4 was one of three nominees in the Green category for this year’s CNET Best of CES 2010 Awards.  At CES, Control4 showed its Energy Management System (EMS) 100, which received the nomination.

The EMS 100 is comprised of the EC-100,  a touch-screen home controller that allows you to monitor your home’s energy and the WT-100, a wireless Zigbee-enabled thermostat. This allows people to track their energy usage and find ways to reduce it; you can also set up the device to automatically do it for you. The system not only allows you to monitor your home’s energy but you have the ability to control lights, locks, and more. Other applications can be added to the system through Control4’s newly launched app store called 4Store.

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The winner in the Green category this year was Tenrehte Technologies for their Picowatt Wi-Fi smart plugs.

According to the article on CNET, Tenrehte Technologies has a grassroots vision for the smart grid. Instead of relying on a utility-installed smart meter to help consumers ratchet down their electricity bills, the Rochester, N.Y.-based start-up is building Wi-Fi-enabled smart plugs. A few strategically placed smart plugs, called a Picowatt, will provide many of the benefits promised to consumers by the smart grid, including a real-time read-out of electricity usage and the ability to control appliances from a central point.

The Freeloader Pro, which was the other Green nomination, is a handheld charger made up of two small solar panels and integrated lithium ion battery.

Like the dozens of solar chargers on the market, the Freeloader Pro can charge up cell phones, GPS devices, and other small gadgets. What makes it versatile is the accompanying CamCaddy, an adjustable device for charging different sized block batteries for digital cameras, camcorders, or digital SLRs.

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