Spotlight on Creativity: Saturday Etsy Series

This beautiful weather inspired me to feature an etsy seller that was bright, cheerful and influenced by nature – GLSL readers – meet Tracy Melton of focuslineart, an etsy seller/full time artist based in Knoxville, TN.

“Tracy is inspired by objects found in nature,wet river rocks, the insides of trees,wildflowers,spots on salamanders, negative spaces,clear mountain creek water, fungis, patterns on rattlesnakes,mosses, lichens on rocks, smells on a summer night, rain that pours straight down in the evening at night in June, the lushness of the Smoky Mountains in July, looking at creek bottoms while under water, creatures under rocks, Tennessee in the cool green spring,the grand canyon in winter, and wide open spaces.”

Tracy is known for his tree ring paintings.  The wood comes from dead white and red Elm trees that he cuts down himself with a chainsaw. He sands, clear coats the wood to accentuate it and then using acrylic paint – he paints the brightly colored rings and adds even more clear coats for a super glossy look. They come in sets of 3 – measuring about 6 inches wide and 2 inches deep (thick). Each ones is hollowed out for easy wall mounthing and signed and dated (on the backside) by Tracy.

Unlike the other artists I have featured so far in this series, Tracy is not hurting for exposure 🙂 he and his etsy store have been featured on,The Huffington PostCraftzine.comecoSalon and to name just a few and has been lucky enough to land himself on the front page of etsy…more than once! Since joining etsy in January 2007 he has had 1104 sales – wow – good for you fellow etsian!!!

You can find him on twitter

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