UPS’s Green Smart Pickup Option

UPS announced last week their new Smart Pickup option, a new “green” option within their Decision Green program. Smart Pickup is for small to mid-sized businesses and gives them the option of scheduling a pickup for a package only when a package is actually being shipped. UPS will use their technology to make sure a driver only stops at the customer’s location if and when a package is ready to be shipped. Before this option many UPS drivers would stop daily at customer locations and there would be no packages, only there wasting time and fuel.

UPS says this new service is expected to eliminate 8 million miles from the total driven by UPS each year in the United States and will save an estimated 793,000 gallons of fuel and 7,800 metric tonnes of CO2 emissions. This new option saves time, miles, and lessens the UPS carbon footprint overall.

UPS customers will also be happy to know that if they enroll in this new “green” option they will be saving money as well. The weekly flat fee for the Smart Pickup is $10. The process is also convenient and easy, all you have to do is use one of UPS’s three online shipping systems (UPS WorldShip 2010, UPS CampusShip, or UPS Internet Shipping) to process a package and notify a driver that you have a package.  

Other options in the Decision Green program include UPS Carbon Neutral Shipping. This is a way for your business to reduce its environmental impact, just pay five cents more per package and UPS carbon neutral will offset the carbon dioxide emission generated by the transportation of your packages.

The Brown-Deeply Rooted in Green plan is another part of Decision Green that uses advanced route planning, reducing left turns for thousands of vehicles, and using one versus multiple trucks for international, air, and ground deliveries; another way for UPS to use less miles, fuel, and lower emissions.

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