Abby’s Blog: Girl Scouts Going Green

My mom likes to say this isn’t her girl scouts. Not that they used to ravage the earth or anything but the push to care for the earth is ever growing in the Girl Scouts today.

In celebration of their centennial, the Girl Scouts launched the “Girl Scouts Forever Green” project to challenge scouts to save energy and water.

The project, which began in 10 councils and will be expanded nationwide, lets members track their specific accomplishments online. Last year, participants said they collectively saved 42,000 gallons of water. The girls also are composting trash at school and learning to do energy audits.

In a 2008 survey, members of the Girls Scouts picked the environment as the most important issue for them. The green efforts are playing out in big and small ways:

  • In Masschusetts, as part of “Project Re-Runway,” girls have learned to make outfits using only recycled materials.
  • In the Washington area, they’ve changed 4,276 light bulbs so far, switching from incandescents to more efficient compact fluorescent bulbs, mostly in their own homes. They’ve also distributed donated, reusable grocery bags in the city, which began in January began to charge five cents for each plastic bag a shopper uses.
  • In Norridge, Ill., near Chicago, Joanne Dynak., a 15-year-old girl scout, says her troop’s recycling has expanded from aluminum cans to plastic bottles and newspapers, collected at church.  
  • About an hour southwest of Denver, Colo., Cindy Orton.says her troop planted 210 trees last year in a forest damaged by the 2002 Hayman Fire and plans to spend more than $600 of its cookie sale profits to plant 420 more this year. On Monday, the third-graders plan to test how much water the low-flow toilets in their school are saving.

Pretty cool stuff!

posted by Abby, age 6 3/4


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