Want to start your own weatherization business in NE? NESEA offers a class

The residential weatherization industry is expected to grow dramatically as utility programs and government incentives make it more affordable for homeowners to make their houses more energy efficient. Whether it is improving insulation, replacing old windows, or sealing foundations, there will be millions of dollars spent on weatherization projects over the coming years, and there is a strong need for more contractors to provide these services.

At first glance, this makes starting a weatherization business sound very attractive. But there are many questions that should be considered before jumping into the weatherization business. For instance, what does “Weatherization” really mean? What skills, training and resources does it take to start and run your own weatherization contracting business in Massachusetts? What kinds of equipment will you need to buy? How much does your initial investment need to be? What kind of work will you actually be doing, and what kind of training will you have to get in order to be a success? What licenses, certifications, and insurance are required?

To help ypu get started,  MassGREEN Initiative and NESEA BuildingEnergy are offering a wokrshop in order to help you decide if this is really a business you can succeed in.

WHEN: Thursday, March 11, 3:00pm-6:00pm, Federal Complex

Sponsored by the MassGREEN Initiative, this free workshop will help contractors determine what kinds of skills training and resources it takes to start and run your own weatherization contracting business in Massachusetts. Pre-registration is required. You must be registered for the conference or Trade Show on Thursday in order to attend. Call or email Michelle Rose to be put on the list. 413-774-6051 x17; bespeaker@nesea.org.

Instructor: Mark Hutchins, Conservation Services Group

posted by Kimberly Lancaster | newscaster


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