Abby’s Blog: Disney’s Friends for Change, Project Green

I pledged Disney’s Friends for Change. This green movement for kids is lead  by favorite Disney teen stars that stress environmental issues in the campaign, encouraging us to take action. As part of the initiative, kids will have the ability to choose how Disney will invest one million dollars in environmental programs to save water, save animals, stop pollution, and save the earth.

Kids can pick a number of different ways to pledge

Load ‘er up – only let you parents run a full dishwahser load

Pool it — organize a car pool to shcool

Get pugged and unplug it — unplug cell phones or plug them into a power strip

Note this – buy only recycled paper notebooks

Water saver — when waiting for water to heat up, catch it to water plants

Flush not — don’t use the toilet as a wastebasket

The Big Clean — join a group to clean up a local beach or other area

It’s in the Bag – use reusable shopping bags

Skip it – skip one car trip per week

I pledged to use reusable shoping bags, help clean our local beaches and still do the rest just becuase it is good for our planet. But joing teh movement.

posted by Abby age 6 3/4

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