Video of Pacific Garbage Patch Astounds

VBS TV (but posted on went on their own video quest to show the Pacific Garbage Patch. If you aren’t familiar, take a minute to read the overview and then a few more minutes to watch the video. I know many of you have seen this before, but when the anti environmentalists get out their bullhorns and yammer on about how we aren’t destroying our planet, the urge to shove plastic bottle caps down their throats is stong and sometimes overwhelming.

The Garbage Patch is located at a natural collecting point at the center of a set of revolving currents called the North Pacific Gyre. The middle of the Gyre is more of a meteorological phenomenon than an actual place: a consistent high-pressure zone north of the Hawaiian Islands that, combined with the extremely weak currents, helps keep the ocean surface as placid as lake water.

Trash has been sucked into this area from the encircling currents for as long as the Pacific’s existed, but up until the last century this process ended with the refuse safely biodegrading and being reabsorbed into the food chain as nutrients. With the advent of plastics, however, the Garbage Patch has transformed from a fertile feeding ground to the oceanic equivalent of a desert.

You can join the movement, sign the petition to clean up the North Pacific Gyre.  Join the cause on Facebook.

posted by Kimberly Lancaster | Newscaster


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