A Green (and cheap!) Way to Get Textbooks for School

As a Political Science and Writing major in college, my textbooks were never too outrageously priced.  There might have been an International Policy text that set me back a bit, but for the most part, I watched my friends in nursing, engineering and physics spend $150+ per textbook every semester.  At the end of class, the bookstore might have offered students $25-$30 for the same book they spent well over $100 on – and that’s if the publisher hadn’t put out a newer version in the meantime, rendering yours useless.

This time around, as an MBA student, my business texts are insanely priced (I paid $186 for my managerial accounting book and that was heavily used!) and I was shopping around for a better way to save money.  That’s when I stumbled across Chegg, a site that allows students to rent textbooks for a fraction of the cost of buying.  After doing some research, I found my Finance book for my next class and clicked the 6o-day rental option.  The price for this $200+ text?  $56.60 plus $1.99 shipping.

In addition to the $160 or so I saved in the process of renting, Chegg offers to plant a tree for every textbook rented through the American Forests Global ReLeaf Program and lets you choose the region of the world you’d like to have it planted.

The tree planting isn’t the only thing about Chegg that’s green – by reusing a textbook that otherwise might find its way to the trash after many years of sitting on a shelf, you are helping to prevent waste and unnecessary manufacturing of new copies.

And Chegg is flexible – their 30 day return policy allows you return a text for whatever reason (dropped class, text unused, etc) for a full refund – no questions asked.

So join Chegg (and me, for sure!) in the “Don’t Buy Revolution” – it will definitely save you some green while supporting the planet.

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2 Responses

  1. Renting textbooks definately saves the environment. After all you are simply re-using these books. Textbook rental is a great concept. I got my textbooks from Skoobit.com this semester and I have also noticed they are a certified green company and a member of green america. It sure does feel good to save some money and being green at the same time.

  2. have you ever tried out eCampus.com for buying, renting, and selling books? I tried chegg and was having problems so I thought I would try something else out. a friend told me about ecampus and I loved it! the prices are already cheaper and plus she gave me her code EE15007 and it saved me 5% on top of that. you should try it out!!

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