A much needed Trip

It’s winter time here in New England so what better time to escape the cold and go on a nice relaxing vacation and why not make it an eco friendly trip.  In college I interned at Maho Bay Camps in St. John an eco resort and that has changed my perspective on vacations.  It is such a fun and natural way to enjoy the local food, environment and of course the people.  Although I am partial to St. John for the friendly familiar faces and excellent beaches there are so many other places that are offering eco tourism. 

Glovers Reef Atoll off Belize is a great place to visit if you are looking to rough it a bit and enjoy the tranquility and peace with very little people there.  Not your typical five star resort but with the view it offers it might as well be.  For amenities they offer solar powered water pumps, a composting toilet and wind power.  It lacks flushing toilets and AC but is quick to offer you a priceless view and a cold beer. 

Switching views another eco friendly place would be Antarctica,  yes it’s cold, dry and has an extremely small population but again it offers amazing views and adventures that aren’t possible everywhere..   It’s like having the experience of the travel channel right in front of you.  A trip to Antarctica is expensive though so make sure you save up for this once in a life time adventure!  Lindblad expeditions is a great place to find info on a trip to Antarctica

Back to the warm weather and away from Icebergs can land you in Africa for a great eco friendly vacation amongst elephants, tigers and lions!  Camp Jabulani has offered to work with locals and found this has helped with efforts to end poaching.  Included in your stay is an elephant tour!  A portion of the funds from your stay are donated to the support of endangered animals. 

There are so many different choices to choose from, places that appeal to everyone.  Some are pricier than others, but what do you expect from getting a personal tour from an elephant?   I am voting for my next eco trip to be in Belize but again I am a beach bum and would never be caught in Antarctica!  So look around and consider going eco-friendly on your next vacation, it’s come a long way from camping at the local campground!

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