Spotlight on Creativity: Saturday Etsy Series

My favorite find in 2009 was without a doubt Etsy – the online shopping mecca for anything and everything handmade.

I have been making handmade cards for about 10 years and have always relied on friends and family to support my hobby.  I ended up with 2 shoe boxes full of cards just waiting for a buyer – because the sad reality is, how many cards can you sell to four people? My good friend/co-worker Ashley turned me on to Etsy last year and I finally took the plunge and opened my store, designsbybeccashop, for business in June 2009.  Since I launched my online store I have been regularly selling my cards and invitations to complete strangers. What a great feeling it is to have your creativity validated by others.  I am still trying to increase my store traffic and trying to figure out ways to market myself better but it is a slow process when you have three other jobs keeping you busy and on the go.

Since I have joined, I have found some incredible designers (click here to see a complete list of my favorites) and I am constantly amazed at the talent of other artists – I actually can’t wait to move into my new apartment at the end of the month so I can figure out what new stuff I have an excuse to buy!  I know that many of the artists on etsy are in my exact same situation…love doing their specific craft but don’t have enough time to make their product, list it and get their name out there more, all while working a full time job.  One sure way to increase traffic for a store is to create some buzz about it – and since I have access to this wonderfully successful blog that focuses on green, local and sustainability why not try and help fellow etsians out?  I will be picking one artist a week to showcase in the hopes that others will find their designs as interesting, creative and unique as I do.

My first pick is Rustics Reborn. Creator Doug Flaherty uses old barn wood, doors, doorknobs, faucets and hooks to make beautifully distinct, antique style coat racks.  His shop’s profile says “I often wonder to what room each doorknob led, whose winter coat hung upon this coat hook or whose daily lives revolved around this old barn. Each piece I fashion is a unique assemblage of stories, journeys and the creative process. I hope the wonder and possibility of each intersecting story brings you a touch of warmth and functionality.”  You know that you will have a one-of-a-kind coat rack when purchasing his pieces.  This is my favorite piece he is selling – I am really hoping that it will fit in my new apartment’s entryway!

See you again next Saturday!

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