The Eco Chick Guide to Life: How to Be Fabulously Green

The Eco Chick Guide to Life: How to be fabulously Green is a great read for anyone looking to green up there life!   It is available on the Kindle and also printed on recycled paper for those of us who like to read old school style.  And to be more eco-fabulous you can order a used copy off Amazon! 

The author Starre Vartan does a great job making looking like an eco chick, easy!  She gives tons of ideas on how to eco friendly and still stay stylish.  Vartan shows us where to shop for vintage and recycled jewelry, where to find shoes made from recycled materials, and how important it is to wear organic and vintage clothing. 

Another great find in this book for those of us who like to have a good time is being able to throw and eco chic party.  Buying organic drinks and shopping the farmers market for food and flowers!

This book is insightful as well as fun to read.  Vartan shares with her readers some great recipes, she even tries to convince you to switch back to your grandmothers cast iron pans for their health benefits.  Making your own cleaners out of baking soda and other products already in your cupboards, she even tells you how to make your own toothpaste! 

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