Energy Efficient Window Treatments


When people are choosing window treatments for their homes, most often times their primary concern is decoration or privacy. But window treatments can be a major factor in how energy efficient your home is. Selecting the right treatment can help you lower energy consumption in your home which is not only good for the earth, but good for your wallet as well.

Window shades can be very effective at preventing heat loss in the winter if they are installed correctly. Shades should be mounted as close to the glass as possible and the sides should be held close to the wall. This will create a sealed air space that will make it difficult for heat to escape. Raising the shades on sunlit windows during the day and then lowering them at night will help make the shades as energy efficient as possible. Also, consider dual shades as they are highly reflective (white) on one side and heat absorbent (black) on the other.

To prevent heat gain in the summer, blinds may be your best option. Blinds don’t do very much good when trying to prevent heat loss as the numerous openings between the slats   make it difficult to control how much heat you lose. However, when it comes to reducing heat gain, blinds have an advantage over shades because these slats can be adjusted to control ventilation and light. Highly reflective blinds can reduce heat gain by around 45% when completely closed and lowered on a sunny window.

The material is also very important when selecting an energy efficient window treatment. The best way to check a treatment’s energy efficiency is to look at the R-Value and Shading Coefficient. The R-Value will tell you the material’s effectiveness in preventing heat loss while the Shading Coefficient tells you how much heat is coming through the window. So, for example, if you are more concerned with heat loss than you are with heat gain, you would want to choose a material with a high R-Value and a low Shading Coefficient.

No one treatment is the most energy efficient for every situation. It mostly depends on the region you live in and what your primary insulation needs are. But as long as you keep all of these things in mind, you’ll be able to choose a treatment that looks great and is energy efficient as well.

Richard Moyle is the Internet Marketing Coordinator for Horizon Window Treatments.

Horizon is the largest and most trusted retailer of window treatments in New York City. 

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  1. Energy efficient window treatments have become very popular these days and will continue to be on the rise. As we become more environmentally conscious more people will take the time to seek out window treatments that actually help to improve the environment while also reducing their energy bill.

  2. I agree that energy-efficient window treatments are really becoming poplar and useful these days. Window treatments such as the use of window tints are not only energy-efficient but also cost-effective, not to mention the contribution it brings to save our environment. Learn more about the types of window tints at www. Through, you will receive a product recommendations for your residential window tinting needs as well as be matched to professional window tint installers in your area. You then have an opportunity to research each dealer and select which one(s) you would like to receive a quote from.

  3. CES Energy Solution is a VELUX certified skylights and blinds company, they can provide valuable information about natural lighting, tubular skylights and curb mount skylight. Adding one of these products to your home would create an unparalleled wow factor that would be sure to impress your guests!

  4. I need help in deciding what is the best type of window blinds or shades to KEEP OUT THE HEAT. I am in S Florida and it is so hot in my house as I have big huge windows in my house. I love to look out when it’s early enough or the sun has gone down some. But when the sun hits the windows majority of the day…it is so HOT.

    So I have looked and asked but I get so many answers as each store wants to sell something with this or that.

    I don’t need anything fancy but the best type of blind/shade to keep the heat out and darken the room.

    I was told to the solar shades which still gives light to come through…then I was told to get the Cellular Shades. This one type had aluminum inside the shades which only keeps 5% of heat out…but it definitely was solid to keep the light out which is what I needed to watch tv in the room.

    So to keep the HEAT OUT and get the room dark…what is the best to get? Shade or blinds?
    what type?


    Tampa Florida

  5. Energy efficient blinds are becoming more important to our customers. the ability to be green and save money is a major motivator. We are sourcing many more energy efficient blinds such as dual and tri core honeycomb blinds and lined blinds.

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