Abby’s Blog: Box Tops for Education

The Narragansett Elementary school, we’re I attend first grade and Max is in pre-school, collects Box Tops for Education. You’ve seen them, they look like little coupons in pink and orange and can be found on everything from cereal and granola bar boxes to kleenex and toilet paper. If you aren’t cutting them out then you probably recycle them with the rest of your cardboard but do you know they are worth ten cents for every one you send to your local school? That money get used for things like supplies for art, books and music. Our school has an annual competition, and the classroom who raises the most money with box tops gets a prize at the end of the year.

It may not seem like much but it adds up fast and it helps schools raise money for things they need thousands of dollars every year with the program. So before you recycle, clip that ten cents and give it to your local school kid. You could be funding their next art class!

posted by Abby, Age 6 1/2


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