The modlet: A modern outlet

A CEA i-Stage Finalist, ThinkEco has created the “modlet” which apparently stand for modern outlet. The modlet system brings efficiency to your electricity use, so you can easily save money and the environment. It is affordable and plugs in right over your existing outlets for hassle-free self-installation. The company’s  modlet Web application enables an interactive
conservation experience where you can control your outlets remotely with software on a USB.  The modlets are expect to be in distribution in 2011 and the company projects that each unit will pay for itself in six months.

How is this different from Control4‘s appliance module…aside from the clever little name?

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  1. Well, if they’re telling the truth, and it really does pay for itself in six months, its probably going to be dirt cheap.

    This thing shuts off vampires. Most vampires draw <5 watts, thus incurring annual electricity bills of $5 or so (YMMV, depending on local electricity cost). So if it pays for itself in six months, it probably only costs $2 or $3, which would be great.

    Of course, the other possibility is that the "pays for itself in six months" is just marketing BS, and it really costs $20 and pays for itself in 4 years. (And that the carbon emissions from making the thing more than outweigh the savings from turning off a vampire.) Keep us posted!

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