Abby’s Blog: Options for Batteries in Kid’s Toys

Coming off the holidays, I received a lot of great new toys. My mom got me a lot of kid-power stuff like a scooter and ice skates, but others brought Max and I a lot of battery-required toys like motorized cars, games, and related stuff.

We need batteries. My mom has said enough with them and that her kids (meaning us) are personally contributing to the e-waste problem that no one can solve. She touted these points:

  • Americans purchase 5 billion batteries each year
  • Those 5 billion batteries leave behind 146,000 tons of battery waste each year
  • Ok, point taken Mom but what are we to do? Shocker of a suggestion, solar rechargeable batteries (yes, sometimes this gets old.)

    The Ultralast solar charger will charge 4 AA batteries in driect solar sunlight in about 2 days in the northeast in the summer months, but this time of year we’re looking at about 4 days. But at just $35 for the pack its not a bad alternative and if you figure a four pack of batteries runs about $4 and is bad for the earth you might be able to justify the cost.

    posted by Abby, age 6 1/2