Compressed Air Energy Storage is it the solution for storing hundered of megawatts of power?

Energy storage is a hot topic. How to do it? Small scale? Utility scale? New technology or old technology? And will it work? What will it cost?

Greentechgrid wrote an article that said, “Then you really only have two choices, Pumped Hydro or Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) according to EPRI, the Electric Power Research Institute.  Lithium-ion might be good for cells phones and maybe EVs.  Flywheels for short bursts of storage.  New technologies like flow batteries are emerging but they’re still a ways from utility-scale prime time cost requirements.  Pumped hydro is very site-specific and very little new pumped hydro sources have come on line in the last decade.  

That leaves you with CAES.  According to EPRI’s energy storage expert, Rich Lordan, “CAES is going to be important.”

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