Apple’s Play Into Energy Management

It was only a matter of time before Apple made a play for the home energy management space.  Greentech Media reports that Apple has filed two patents for home energy management dashboard systems based on powerline networking.  Essentially, powerline networking turns every outlet in a home into an internet port and allows power to that outlet to be controlled and managed.  Not a new concept at all – but then, Apple has never been on the edge of technical innovation, per se.  They are basically taking the concept that HomePlug brought to market and tossing it into the design and UI genius that is Apple’s product team.

The idea behind the powerline networking for energy management is that all plugged in devices could be controlled through a central interface and consumption data could be aggregated to inform the consumer on usage and cost savings.  There are no reports yet of an Apple interface like Microsoft’s Hohm or Google’s PowerMeter – but we can only imagine that’s what’s coming.  Apple has a PhD in user interface, it is what makes consumers want an iPod over a Zune, an iPhone over an HTC or Motorola.  It is the sleek factor, the measurement of cool.

The other question begging to be asked is whether or not Apple’s entrance into the home energy display space will mean momentum and increased speed of adoption – or, as many (including VentureBeat’s Tom Slater) are predicting, the beginning of the end of this first piece of the Smart Grid bubble.

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