Kids be Green!

Kids be green is a great website that I really enjoy using and learning about all the different ways, to reduce, reuse and recycle.  Kids green has a coloring book that tells a story with each page.  My nanny Kayla can print the pages out for my brother Max and I to color.  It shows us what dangerous things are in our house and to stay away from them.  Like cleaning materials as well as stuff that dad might use in the garage.  It also helps to tell you what types of things can be recycled.  Even though I am the one who loves to color the pages, Mom and Dad can learn from the pictures too!

This fun website also has games to play like Yucky Worm World; this game helps you learn how worms help the environment.  Another game I like is Recycle City which gives me ideas on how to recycle and different ways my whole town can!  Even though I would never even dream of eating one, there is a fun game that teaches you which fish are safe to eat, thank goodness scallops are safe! FEW! 

There are so many more fun things on this site, so I am going to go play.  Make sure you check out this site with your kids or even if you don’t I think even adults would find it fun and interesting..

Posted by Abby, Age 5