Credit Card Applications a bit too much.

During this recession we have all been advised to not use our credit cards, we have been told many times how things will be changing and credit cards will be increasing percentage rates.  So we are all on alert, our radar is on and our shield is up high.  The idea of no interest no payments are part of history and replaced with minimum payments.  It makes sense we should be paying the minimum or we really shouldn’t have the card.  Paying no minimum is what has helped destroy this economy, thank you credit card companies for your thoughtless actions and disgusting tactics!

The temptation of Zero interest is appealing, especially when it is on transfers or if you are REALLY in need of a new pair of shoes.  However like I mentioned before we are all shying away, it’s a no can do so please stop sending me those incredibly nicely packaged credit card applications that fill up my already overflowing mail box.

If this sounds like your house, there is a way to opt out and I suggest everyone do it unless you reuse the large abundance of paper in these envelops as wrapping paper or of some other useful action.  We all need to end unsolicited mail; all you need to do to opt out of pre screened credit card offers is visit this site .  And just to make your life easier and the ringing of your house phone less frequent get on the “do not call list”.

The amount of energy wasted, time spent and paper used improperly is outrageous when many of us toss it right into the recycling bins without even opening them up.  Help put an end to killing trees for such a ridicules purpose.  If we need a credit card, don’t worry most of us apply on-line anyway!

Posted by: Kate Kiselka, follow me on Twitter


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