Wallpaper is made from paper?

Wallpaper is slowly creeping its way back into the design word.   Although wallpaper is every new home buyer’s nightmare it can be a great fix to cover some poorly plastered walls.  Many designers are looking at Wallpaper to make a statement not just as wall covering, many are using it just on one wall, as an intense and huge piece of wall art.  What was once a bad decision made by our mothers is now becoming a well recognized way of making a statement in any room of your house.

Luckily now we are left with many more options than what our mothers lived with for so long.  Say goodbye to stripes, flowers and borders and hello to texture and vibrant colors.  Patterns with a modern twist, as well as wallpaper made out of paper!  Confused? Well most wallpaper is made from vinyl which we all know isn’t paper at all so why didn’t the manufacturers call is Wall-vinyl?  Vinyl takes up a lot of space in your local landfill where now we have the option to buy eco-friendly wall paper made out of, you guessed it, paper!  This makes the disposing of the paper recyclable friendly and if tossed in the trash has a shorter life in the landfill than its harmful vinyl counterpart.

With green becoming the new black, eco-wallpaper is a lot easier to find as well as less expensive than it used to be.  Eco-friendly wallpaper is better for the environment, but it also carries with it many health benefits opposed to using vinyl wallpaper.  The eco-friendly wallpaper breathes easier than vinyl.  This will help with the paper from trapping moisture, especially if used in bathrooms.  This will hopefully eliminate or if not reduce the ability of mold to growing behind your walls.

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