Save your desktop some energy!

Mac users as well as any other PC user out there, needs to know the truth.  That computer of yours is an energy sucking piece of machinery.  We all love our computer’s, they are an extension of ourselves, almost like a removable limb.  It is almost impossible to imagine functioning in our everyday lives without one by our side! 

90% of desktops do not run efficiently.  It is a real simple fix and it’s rather silly if you don’t opt to save yourself money and your computer some more generous time as your extra limb.  Doing this is free and simple and in the end you will thank yourself and so will your computer.  EZ Wizard is a great tool on the Energy Star Website that can help you out!

For Mac users this is really simple and frankly if you already own a Mac following the steps is easy as 1-2-3.  However for all you PC users, this is not hard as long as you follow directions fairly well.  For Mac users simply go to the apple pull down menu and select “system preference” and then click on “energy saver” You can figure it out from there. 

Now for the rest of you, begin on the “start” menu and from there navigate yourself to “settings” and then head to the “control panel”, now click on “power management” then “power schemes.” From there you can set the settings to your liking.  Each list will allow you to set how long you want to wait before your computer goes into “energy saving mode.”

Another great way to save on energy and rack up some extra money in energy savings would be to switch to a new energy efficient LCD monitor.  You could easily get a 24” monitor and it will save you more money than your tiny 13” that isn’t set properly. Remember nothing will save you more money than shutting of your computer when not in use.  But for those who don’t see this as an option follow these steps and make your computer a greener piece of machinery in your home. 

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