Eco-superheros Moving Boxes Man and Boxy expose the “recycling” industry by preventing box abuse and promoting box reuse.

Los Angeles, CA January 1st, 2010 — Enter Boxy and Moving Boxes Man, part human, part box, these “cardborgs” have built a website that offers gently-used shipping boxes sold in moving kits with 1-3 day free delivery, nationwide.

Watch their YouTube eco-mmerical here: 

They’ve joined the Used Cardboard Boxes, Inc network which has revolutionized the moving and shipping box industries. It supplies high-quality used boxes for moving, packing, shipping, and storage to both consumers and businesses. They’re helping eliminate the need for “dumpster diving” or “box begging” for abused boxes that may be damaged or unsanitary.

How Used Cardboard Boxes works:

• a new box is created by any given box manufacturing company

• the box is purchased and gently used once to ship packaged parts or products from a supplier to a manufacturer or distributor

• after the part or product has been unpacked, the box is gently flattened and stacked on a pallet

• when the pallet is fully stacked, it’s either loaded on a truck and sent to another supplier or distributor that purchased boxes wholesale or,

• the boxes are sorted into moving boxes sizes and packed into moving kits, which can be ordered online

• the moving kits are picked up by a UPS truck and delivered for free anywhere in the continental U.S. to retail customers

This new model for box reuse makes it possible for eco- and cost-conscious consumers and companies to have a viable alternative to the agonizing price of new boxes and the anxiety of trying to scrounge used boxes from grocery stores or classified ads.

 This process is environmental education in action and promoted through several “eco-mmercials” posted on the YouTube channel. They’ve posted fun and informative videos that help educate consumers about the reality behind the cardboard industry using “eco-super-hero” characters “Boxy” and “Moving Boxes Man”.

 Recycling is a feel-good word… as it should be… but what’s often forgotten is that a lot of what’s recycled can, and should be, re-used. Recycling is costly, a source of pollution and requires water, energy, fuel, chemicals and other inputs.

 Here are a few stats to put the cardboard industry into perspective:

 • The EPA reports that the US commercial sector generates more cardboard than any other material in the nation.

• Over $40 billion in cardboard boxes are produced in the U.S. each year.

• The EPA estimates that 14% of all municipal solid waste is made of cardboard containers.

• Approximately 43 million Americans move each year.

 Most cardboard is recycled, however very few boxes are used more than once. The typical shortened life-cycle of a box means dropping a box’s value from dollars to pennies. With and the Used Cardboard Boxes, Inc network, the value of the box is sustained. This allows cycles of reuse to occur and reoccur within the US, thus saving the nation’s trees, sustaining jobs and providing consumers and companies with a green low-cost alternative to new boxes., also has a business-to-business offering where companies can buy boxes in truckload quantities for shipping. Alternatively, if a company has pallets of reusable boxes it wants to sell for more than what the recycler pays, it can enter box dimensions, quantity, and location to be evaluated for purchase.


Ben Lawson



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  1. Good Day
    My name is Jim Cole and i would like to know if you do have moving boxes in stock for sale??If you to i would like you to respond back to me with the different sizes you do have available in stock for sale so we could start from there
    Thank you
    Jim Cole

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