A very Green Christmas

This evening all the children will be hoping and praying that Old Saint Nick will be pushing himself down their chimneys and placing an overabundance of gifts under the tree.   Hopefully Santa’s Sleigh will avoid black ice and the reindeer will all be set for a long evening ahead. 

This year hopefully we will all be unwrapping less waste this holiday season and most of us have been able to use some wrapping tips about wrapping green.  Also I am sure many of us are thinking twice about using non-composting paper plates as we gather around the dining room table and enjoy some holiday cheer. 

Hopefully we all followed Abbey’s blog on the Green Hat choice she picked for her dad this year and maybe we could all do the same.  I know I will be seen bouncing from house to house with my lovely new tote made from recycled sailboat sails!  Thank you again, Kim! 

So remember to drive cautiously through intersections making sure those LED lights have melted the snow as you race home.  Leave Santa some cookies and spiced rum near the tree.  I truely hope you all get what you wish for this Holiday Season! 

Have a Happy and safe holiday season from all of your friends at Caster!

Posted by: Kate Kiselka, follow me on Twitter


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