Some last minute green shopping hints for 2009

I have compiled a list of the top five Green gifts for your loved one this year, what to get the person who has everything, or what to get your hippie friend who only accepts un-wrapped green gifts?  I have compiled a list that I believe they would love to receive this holiday season. 

First off the Kindle, what better than electronic paper for your eco book junkie father in law?  Saving millions of trees but still getting to read the newest book without waiting in the endless line at boarders.  As of now there are 360,000 books, newspapers, blogs and magazines available for purchase.  So in a matter of a minute you can receive the newest Harry Potter right to your kindle!

A bamboo cutting board is a great gift for anyone on your list.  Because it is made from a renewable source it is a great green gift to give.  They match any décor and are great because they are less likely to absorb smells and water than the more traditional maple cutting board.   

A fun inexpensive gift that I found extremely green friendly and appropriate to make this list is the cool Global Warming Mug.  It is a fun yet serious mug that allows you to have your morning coffee and enjoy.  As you poor a hot beverage into the global warming mug it shows you what is happening to our world.  The ocean appears to rise and the coastline begins to disappear.  This mug is a great way to bring attention to a big issue so many of us disregard. 

As a new homeowner this gift would be a great one for me…wink wink… They have now come out with solar power tiki torches.  Not only would this make a great Holiday gift but also a great housewarming gift.  This allows you to have the feel and ambiance of Tiki torches without the harsh smells and pollutants. 

Last but not least my top eco friendly gift this year would be the non battery operated watch for that special someone in our lives.  By using solar power these watches can are sure not to lose time for months in the dark.  A quick trip to the beach or a ride with the top down is all this watch needs to recharge itself. 

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  1. This was an entertaining read, I’m forever on the watch for good articles and blog ideas so thanks. I’ve bookmarked this article so I’ll keep in contact!

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