Safety should be key in purchasing new appliances

A survey by Underwriters Laboratories found out that most homeowners look for energy efficiency when purchasing new home appliances.  More than half look for energy efficiency as one of the top two things they look for, ranking safety not so high.  My only defense as one of these homeowners purchasing a lot of new appliances is it wasn’t even a thought in my mind that they might not be safe!

 Looking for the UL mark on the packaging is helpful when purchasing new energy efficient appliances for your home.  That mark will give you the relief that the product has undergone rigorous safety testing, and is free of any safety hazards. 

Cost and Energy savings are the two top factors when purchasing a new appliance for homeowners but safety should really be a top priority, what good is the appliance if it causes damage to the home or person? 

The 300 million dollar rebate program that encourages homeowners to buy energy efficient appliances will be a great time for people buying energy efficient appliances to make sure they meet safety standards before purchasing them for their home. 

If you are not replacing your appliances you should double check your connections and all of your appliances as a whole to make sure they are running how they should. 

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has designed a website, .com  to help consumers learn more about the Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program and to help them understand appliance safety as well.  This website will also allow consumer to learn when the rebate program starts in their state, also which appliances will qualify for rebates as well as how much each appliance will get towards the rebate.  The website will also help you determine if you need a new appliance or if the one you currently have is fine.  It also has some great tips on how to keep you’re a[appliance working like new. 

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  1. Indeed, this is the perfect thing to consider when purchasing things that you are going to put at home. The house is supposed to be the safest so check before buying.

  2. Excited to have found out about this site really enjoyed it and will return to explore when I am not so busy.

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