Abby’s Blog: What I want for Christmas

I was trying to think of what I would like for Christmas and I came up with a list for Santa.  I tried real hard to make sure they were green gifts except for the Easy Bake Oven that I really, really want this year!

I would like, a sock Monkey from Maggies Organics, I think that it would be the perfect stuffed animal to cuddle with.  I would also love a new art set from Stubby Pencil Studio, they have so many neat things.  And all of the art supplies are eco friendly made from some really neat stuff.  They have a sketch pad called banana paper and they even have crayons made out of soy!  I hope I get all of these, especially an easy bake oven that I can make cupcakes in!!  I think my little brother Max would love the washable markers and I know mom would love them too!

Posted by: Abby, Age 6


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