LEED for Homes Point by Point – Awareness and Education

Awareness and Education – 2 points achieved out of 3 points available::

So if you’ve been following our project then you know what we’ve done for both education and awareness. But we did go through extensive trainings with each of our key subcontractors like Newport Geothermal for our HVAC system and Robert Saglio Audio Video for our home, lighting, entertainment, irrigation and energy systems. I spent hours with John Carter understanding what it would take to keep our lawn healthy by minimizing water, eliminating chemicals and using organic fertilizers and treatments.

Our homeowners manual is more than 6” thick and covers every system and subsystem in our house, outlines the warranties and maintenance programs and lets us know who to call for help.

Our public awareness, well, you be the judge. We have blogged about the project or a topic relating to green building every single day since October 2008. We have had more than 60,000 people to our blog during that time and even earned an AllTop rating for best green blogs. We’ve been covered in local, regional and national media. We’ve always had signage on the home, and on December 12th we hosted our fourth and final open house on the project.

With a final rating of LEED-H GOLD, with a score of 92.5, I am proud of what we accomplished. I hope you enjoyed our project as much as we did and know that our goal now is to follow and find other projects, cover other case studies and help homeowners find the best products for their project. Feel free to submit your ideas!

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5 Responses

  1. We have had more than 60,000 people to our blog during that time and even earned an AllTop rating for best green blogs…you should put some advertisments and benifit from the visitors

  2. Smart Home should use environmentally friendly and affordable cabinets. Go Green buy Smart with Certifications and 3rd party tested stock cabinets by Smart Cabinetry. Environmental Stewardship did not need to cost so much!

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    UV Coatings
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    All of this and the most stringent 3rd Party TPC Lab monthly QA and Smart Raw Materials QVP audit and Test.

    • It doesn’t have to but style and personality counts for a lot in cabinets. This was personal choice. Kim

  3. I’ve been following your project. Wow, that took a lot of effort. Bravo. I couldn’t stay the course like you did. Never heard of a Homeowner’s manual much less one 6″ thick. Congratulations.

  4. I’m really into “green” or energy saving when it comes to HVAC. Good article. Public awareness is what we all want and need.

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