LEED for Homes Point by Point – Indoor Environmental Quality

Indoor Environmental Quality :: 13 points achieved out of 21 points available ::

We followed the prescriptive path for Indoor Air Quality and I have to say of all the section I actually thought this was the toughest.  IEQ measures the moisture control, outdoor air ventilation, distribution heating and cooling, use of low emitting materials, air filtering and contaminant control during construction.

We achieved 2 points for installation and the performance of our dual environmental recovery systems (ERVs). Our enhanced local exhaust which was based on occupancy sensors that exhaust air to the outdoors as well as the continuous operation of one of the ERVs, achieved an additional two for the points.

We also achieved additional points by installing a Vacuflo central vacuum system (which is awesome and so easy to use!), designing and installing a gorgeous and uber efficient mudroom to store shoes, reducing household contaminants and installing filters with a MRV 10 rating. We did really well in minimizing pollutants from the garage through our spray foam insulation, CO2 detectors, and painting of the garage walls, as well as the installation of an exhaust fan which turns on based on an occupancy sensor installed in the garage.

With the goal of really improving our home’s indoor air quality to keep our house free of allergens, contaminants and VOCs, I’m pleased with performance of the systems we’ve installed.

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