LEED for Homes Point by Point – Materials & Resources

Materials and Resources ::  12.5 points achieved out of 16 points available::

With the intent of designing durable buildings and limiting waste, MR 1 addresses the framing order waste factor, of which we achieved less than 10%.  We also used framing efficiencies which included extensive pre-cut framing packages sizing headers for loads, blocking for the installation of drywall and cabinetry, and other high performance building techniques. We did not get points for our detailed framing documents because we did not have detailed designs for every wall including interiors and due to this, we forfeited 1.3 which is detailed cut lists and lumber orders – although I have to give a call out to Dave Pearson of Pearson Woodworking, Jay Smith of Smith Ingram and Mike Anderson of Anderson Woodfloors for their incredible use of materials. Dave and Jay achieved a less than 2% waste on interior finish wood work, creative using extra boards to build custom closets, shelves, and even cubbies for my kids’ rooms. Mike did an amazing job with managing waste from our Carlisle wood floor installation. We had so little waste, that we were able to install wood floors in the mud room, wine cellar and AV equipment use with assumed waste factor. Amazing and it brought my cost per sq/ft down incredibly!

MR 2.2 addresses Environmentally Preferable Products (EPP) which in addition to FSC certified products, really addresses product certifications, VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) content and local production or products used inside the home.  This following is the breakdown of what we applied for, surpassing the maximum of 8 points in this section.

  1. Exterior wall: framing — FSC Wood 92% from National Lumber, COC listed on orders – ½ pt EPP
  2. Exterior wall: siding – 100% FSC White CEDAR shingles from Liberty Cedar, COC supplied — ½ pt EPP
  3. Flooring: Carlisle, reclaimed hardwood floors of 3150 sq/ft plus 100 sq ft, for 71 % of floor, finished with low VOC compliant umber stain and Tung oil finish, factory applied. Additional ½ point for all LOW VOC for all flooring including Fireclay Debris tile (50% recycled materials), Marmoleum which is SCS FloorScore certified. – ½ pt EPP  and – ½ pt low emission
  4. Carpet: Mohawk CSI Green Label Plus Certified “green” low VOC, recycled content, BiOH Low VOC eco pad, recycled content – ½ pt low emission
  5. Floor Framing: Engineering floor system from Boise Wood – see VOC reports – ½ pt low emission
  6. Foundation: Cement with up to 30% flyash for all poured foundation, footings produced by Richmond Ready Mix in Wyoming, RI. – ½ pt EPP and ½ pt local
  7. Interior Wall Framing: 100% of interior 2x4s used were FSC certified from National Lumber -– ½ pt EPP
  8. Interior wall, ceiling, millwork: paint — All interior surface coatings for primer and paint were Sherwin Williams ZERO VOC Harmony paint — – ½ pt low emission
  9. Landscape: 100% of front and rear porch and decking is made from Accoya FSC certified wood – – ½ pt EPP
  10. Cabinets: Cabinets locally made by Crownpoint cabinetry using locally harvested 100% FSC maple, zero UREA formaldehyde (Kitchen and bath) — – ½ pt EPP; – ½ pt low emission and – ½ pt local production
  11. Counters: Paperstone kitchen counters made from 100% recycled content, ZERO urea formaldehyde. EcoTop bathroom counters with recycled content and ZERO urea formaldehyde, reclaimed hardwood countertop with ZERO urea formaldehyde, bathrooms counters with integral sinks are Kohler cast iron made of 93% recycled iron with no urea formaldehyde — – ½ pt EPP
  12. Doors – Installed all Masonite FSC– certified 2 panel interior doors – ½ pt EPP
  13. Trim – 100% of millwork and wood trim was FSC-certified pine, also used FSC certified Centurion for board and batten and beadboard, and wood ceiling in media room — – ½ pt EPP
  14. Adhesives and sealants – 100% of all adhesives and sealants on the project from wood floor glue to calk, to putty to mastic to sealers were require by the subcontractor to meet the LOW VOC requirements. Support documents included. (We would spot check materials regularly) — – ½ pt low emission
  15. Window Framing – All window framing was built using FSC certified framing lumber with COC. — – ½ pt EPP
  16. Insulation — Western GacoGreen 052 Wall Foam with VOC of 30.4 g/L — – ½ pt low emission
  17. Sheathing: 100% of our sheathing was Advantech which SFI certified (competitive to FSC and same exacting standards) –should count. – but no points because it’s not FSC, but I thought Advantech deserved it.

The last portion of materials and resources included our construction waste reduction program. We had a fairly intense waste program onsite include, at all times a wood recycling and mixed waste bin. Throughout the job we also brought in metal recycling (during HVAC) and cardboard which we would bring to the site when we needed it, stacking and storing cardboard in the garage to minimize the dumpsters onsite and the soil compaction. Over the building period of 14 months, we only sent two 15-yard mixed waste dumpsters to the landfill, in total diverting 87% of our construction debris to recycling. This totaled just 1.2 lbs of waste per finished area (average is 4.5 lbs).

Had we not achieved all of our Innovation & Design points, we could have applied for an additional 1.5 point for Exemplary performance in MR 2.2, but we only applied for .5.

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4 Responses

  1. Very will done explanation of the products and how they contributed. Well done and thanks for using Marmoleum!

  2. nice information….

  3. Wow! Unbelievable details on your construction and in particular the waste figures. I hope to use some of your information on materials on my upcoming home construction project. Very well done.

  4. National Lumber is proud to supply FSC-certified wood. We’re doing our part in making this a greener and happier earth.

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