LEED for Homes Point by Point – Location & Linkages

Location and Linkages :: 7 points achieved out of 10 points available::

This section of the application was a little tougher than it sounds. Applicants get the automatic ten points of they are in a LEED for Neighborhood Development, but seeing as how we live in a coastal, mainly vacation community that is more than 60 years old, so that was out. We did however pick up points for our site selection including not building with 100 feet of the water or on habitats of threatened or endangered species, among other things. We also received points for building on previously developed land. We did not get points on either infrastructure nor community transit and resources because we are more than ½ mile to all of the basics but, for the record, we are less than a mile to anything we would need and bikeable to my office and we have lots and lots of access to Open Space.

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