Unwrap less waste this year

My twin brother was onto something when he handed me a beautiful box he bought me for Christmas two years ago.  It was wrapped so beautifully in a pillowcase.  His craft for making everything funny was actually the greenest of gift wrapping that year.  I haven’t quite figured out his obsession with buying me some form of box every Christmas, maybe it is a hint that I horde too much junk?!  But he is always great at wrapping these huge and sometime just small and beautiful gifts.  The comic section of the Sunday paper, bed linens, paper grocery bags and even a T-shirt have been a staple to his gift giving for his entire life.

The same year he gave me that pillow cased wrapped box Americans threw away 78.5 million tons of packaging, making up one third of all solid waste in landfills.  A better choice this Holiday season is recycled gift wrapping to help lower that astronomical number of waste in our landfills.  Kevin made it appoint to recycle by using something he had and even asking for it back!  Wrapping can be as creative as you are.  Using the Sunday comics, an old map or even the pictures from your unused Calendar that hung on your wall stating that it was January all year long are just a few ideas.

If creativity isn’t your thing but you would still like to go Green during your gift giving there are so many options available.  You can always reuse gift bags and leftover paper from the year before.  Making your own is always an option but if not try buying ones made of natural fibers or recycled content is key to making your gift giving greener this year.

Paporganics’ is a great line of paper made from 90 percent post consumer fiber and 10 percent hemp that comes in holiday and traditional designs.  Hemp twine makes a great bow instead of the traditional plastic ribbon.  Paper Mojo is also a great alternative to tree free gift wrap/

The holiday season is responsible for a huge amount of greeting cards.  It’s a 10 billion dollar industry with 7.5 billion dollars being spent on holiday cards alone.  Try and make sure the cards you purchase this year are made with 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper.  Doodle Greetings is a great place to look for 100 percent recycled cards! Do what you can to make the holiday season a Greener time!

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