A Farm Fresh Thanksgiving

(original post via Farm Fresh RI Blog)

After a rough start to the season – tomatoes and potatoes got blight, strawberries rotted in the rain – a mild November is producing a bounty of late fall veggies. Slightly frost-kissed, their flavor is rich and crisp and perfect for a celebration of the harvest. It’s a fitting turnaround for the place that Thanksgiving calls home. Ah, autumn in New England.

Make your Holiday dinners a 50-mile meal, focused on seasonal ingredients from our local farmers. They’ve endured a tough 2009 to grow our food and finally have the crops to show for it.

Courtesy of the Brown Herald

At the Wintertime Farmers Market in Pawtucket every Saturday 11-2, you’ll find a variety of veggies, fruit, eggs, meat, seafood, cider, flowers from 30 different farms and cheese, bread, pastries, coffee, jams from 20 other local producers. Plus, live music and a cooking demo by Chef Sophie of My Little French Cottage with butternut ginger soup and carrot leek potato soup to taste. It’s our state’s largest farmers market, with 50 local producers all under one roof and the widest variety of local foods available for your everyday meals and your holiday dinner. Some highlights at the Wintertime Market:

  • Cranberries from Fresh Meadows Farm
  • Beef and Pork from Aquidneck Farms, Hill Farm, Stoney Hill Cattle
  • Chicken from Pat’s Pastured
  • Apples and Cider from Hill Orchards, Barden Orchards
  • Jams and Sauces from many farms and producers
  • Local Cranberry Ice Cream from Kafe Lila for your hot apple pie
  • Broccoli, Sugar Pumpkins, Sweet Potatoes, Squash, Onions, Potatoes, Carrots, and so many more veggies from a whole lot of farms!
  • If you’re looking for a turkey, they’ll likely sell quickly at the market. You may want to contact a farm directly to inquire.

There’s such great abundance right now of incredible food grown on farms right here in our own communities. Honest, fresh and bursting with flavor. It’s something to be truly grateful for.


We here at Green Life Smart Life are thankful for organizations like Farm Fresh RI, who work to provide the community a link to one of our most valuable resources: our farms.  We love our locally source and organic produce and are lucky to have a farmers market even in the winter months.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Eat well and be well.


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