Harmony paint inside the Green Life Smart Life Home.

The Green Life Smart Life home is using Sherwin Williams Harmony paint inside the home; this will help in participating in awarding this home with Environmentally Preferable Product points.  Sherwin Williams Harmony paint is environmentally friendly paint that is available to all consumers. 

Sherwin Williams is concerned about protecting the environment and is showing that concern with environmentally friendly paints.  They are putting their green ideas to work by using sustainable raw materials, such as soy and sunflower oil.  They have lowered the amount of solvent in their paints, so that vapors emitted are environmentally friendly.  By using new techniques Sherwin Williams have been producing less waste.  By improving their coatings they are now much easier to clean and they resist mildew and harmful bacteria which help improve the indoor and outdoor environments.

Harmony which is the paint used throughout the Green Life Smart Life Home has the highest indoor air quality ratings.  It has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal which is proof that every room in your house can look beautiful while also respecting nature’s beauty. 

Harmony Interior Latex paint in a great choice for environmentally friendly interior paint.  It allows you to enjoy the room you just painted thanks to the low odor.

BY: Kate Kiselka.  Follow me on Twitter


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