Josh Bernstein’s Offerings at Greenbuild

Sitting at the master speaker session at Greenbuild by Josh Bernstein who spent the past 5 years on Discovery shows like Digging for the Truth. (First issue I am having is I sat at the back and the realization that I need glasses is super apparent as I can’t read anything on the screen; second realization is he is hugest fan (who starts a presentation on themself with a slideshow of their magazine covers?)

Ok, so here’s what he had to say:

CEO of  BOSS – Boulder Outdoor Survival School – Oldest in country. Believes in less is more. Technique not technology.

Lives in a yurt in Boulder, Utah, and in NYC…not in a yurt I presume.

Very cool, converted a 1983 Toyota SUV to use diesel bio fuel and carry 13 people while getting 27 mpg.

BOSS is about being able to walk into the wilderness. They teach us how to live with the land through skills and teachings like how to make fire. Hmm…not so sure this is for me but he says it takes those who pass the course 20 seconds on average.

At BOSS, they provide you rations but encourage you to hunt. He states there is a huge disconnect in food as sourced in stores verses in its original form. They help students understand this by “slaughtering a sheep.”

Water, when you in a survival situation i s a matter of drinking what  you find, don’t worry about the contaminants as they will it you much later, and dehydration happens much faster.

PS – No toilet paper on the trail. Yup, I am out.

Next part: what can the past teach us about where we are today?

History has taught us that as cultures are assimilated or eliminated, they take the best and toss the rest.

For some cultures, such as the Maya and Rapa Nui of Easter Island, their consumption of natural resources led to their destruction.

How do we learn? A look forward:

The world today is at an ecological crossroad, the destruction of our planet’s resources is impacting our physiology.

Bernstein says it is time for a paradigm shift, that is bigger than just a shift-in thinking. Unlike the woman’s movement which was a shift in thinking about equality, the green movement must be visceral, it has to be about how people feel.

A shift in ignorance to a place of caring and nurturing about each other and our society. It is an emotional movement.

So to sum this up right now, Bernstein says the way to save our plant is the realization that everyone must connect and we must love our planet.

He had me, he lost me.

Bernstein has some great ideas, some really incredible insight into how we got to where we are but we aren’t going to care our way to saving this planet. Look at the gathering in Copenhagen (Hopenhagen) happening December 7. Lot’s of people care but it’s not empowering people to act. 

I enjoyed the session, but one of my criticisms of the past week is the need for those leading the green movement to rely on the emotional appeal of our planet’s destruction.  I simply do not believe the people of the world are going to act because they will not sacrifice. I know this may sound negative, and I am someone who cares, but 80 percent of the planet is not going to act unless they have to.  The solution is a global policy that not just enacts but enforces the saving of this planet’s resources.

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