Is a space heater worth it?

The purchase of my new home has made me very aware to the financial burden of everything from a large appliance to buying unnecessary decorations for my house.  I have made it a point to go green on almost every purchase I have made, from my fridge to my swirly energy efficient light bulbs.  Going from a 700 square foot apartment to a 2,000 square foot house has almost doubled my use of oil to heat my home.  The early cold chill that has interrupted Rhode Islanders cozy fall, has made most of us breakdown and turn on the heat.  I myself swore I would not do it till the first of November if even necessary.  I like so many broke down and was amazed at the amount of oil used to heat my new home.

It was upsetting and silly for me to be heating my entire house when I was just utilizing one room at a time.  This is when the thought of a space heater came into play.  After much research on energy efficient space heaters and the right size for my particular room I found what I think is the right fit for me.  It is very important to do this seemingly tedious research on the right space heater for your home. is a helpful website and they have done a lot of  the research for you, it even allows you to purchase the proper space heater for your particular needs on their website.

Many people worry about the safety of a space heater but today’s models of space heaters are designed to turn off if they fall or begin to overheat.  Many like mine also come with a timer which allows me to have it shut off an hour after I go to bed when I am using it in my bedroom just to get the chill out.  Using one requires responsibility to shut it off before you leave the room for a long period of time or have an animal or small child that may bump into it.  If used correctly they can be a great way to lower heating costs.  Your electricity bill will be higher but nothing like the expense it takes to use oil.  Natural gas is on average usually cheaper than electricity, so depending on the size of your room or amount of rooms needed to heat, space heaters may not be the best financially savvy way for people with natural gas to heat their home.

Some other ideas to cut costs in your home would be to unplug all unused appliances such as your toaster, coffeepot, cell phone chargers ect.  Also lowering your thermostat by even 1-5 degree  can lower your heating bill significantly.  In our present economy some of us need to take every possible move to lower bills and this may be a great way to start.

Posted by: Kate


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